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Stable Upgrades

Hidden Stats
Hidden Stats will include a specific number for each stat as well as Potential and (once maxed) birth max potential for every horse in your barn. The numerical stats will appear under the colored stars you get from the Traits Expert.
Heritage Genes
Heritage influences how a horse passes their genes to their offspring.

More information on heritage can be found at Breeding Genes
Stat Genes
The Stat Genes determine a baseline for a horse’s potential, which is then increased or decreased based on a few other factors.

More information on Stat genes can be found at Stat Genes
Peak and Prime Genes
The Peak gene indicates how quickly a horse will gain peak, while the Prime gene indicates how many prime stars a horse is born with.

More information on Peak and Prime can be found at Peak & Prime
Jump Genes
The Jump gene is a major contributor to how well a horse transitions to Steeplechase for Thoroughbreds and Goldbloods or for Driving Trials in Standardbreds.

More information on Jump genes can be found at Supplementary Genes & Transitioning.
Performance Ratings
Performance Ratings is the numerical number that displays how well your horse performed during their race.

More information on Performance Ratings can be found at Performance Genes.