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Farm Management

Your stable will start out with 50 acres, which is enough land to support 50 horses (and construct up to 50 stalls). You must always have 1 acre available per horse, whether they're living on turnout or in a stall, so eventually you will have to expand your property. If you ever run out of space, you will be unable to buy or claim new horses.

If you're ever unsure how many horses you have, you can check by visiting your main Stable page. It will look something like "#/50 stalls/turnouts in use". In this table, you'll also see a breakdown of how many Yearlings, Racing, and Bloodstock horses you own as well as how many horses in each breed. If you are within 5 horses of your total limit, a warning icon will appear to let you know you need to expand soon.
You probably won't need to expand your farm for a while, but it's good to familiarize yourself with how to do so. You can buy more acreage by going to the Stable tab and clicking Manage Farm in the left side under the 'Manage' header. From there, look for the Expand Property section near the top of the page. This is where you can buy more land (acres) to allow you to own more horses. You can pay in either FFH$ or PC. This will let you keep more horses in turnout or allow you to build more stables. Later on, this will allow you to build Farm Plots once you unlock the relevant skill. The price for expanding will increase with each expansion. You can also sell back unused acres for a small refund per 5 acres.
In addition to buying more acreage, you can use this page to manage your stables. Stables can be created from your inventory once you've purchased (or otherwise obtained) Stable Blueprint or Deluxe Stable Blueprint items. Stables allow you to sort and organize your horses more easily and also have added benefits such as increasing Morale and Condition.

The Stable Blueprint allows you to build a stable with 25 stalls and the Deluxe Stable Blueprint allows you to build a stable with 50 stalls. These can be expanded up to five times. Each expansion adds another 5 stalls. Each expansion costs $400,000. That means that a stable made with a Stable Blueprint can fit up to 50 horses while a stable made with a Deluxe Stable Blueprint can fit up to 75 horses! You can also merge two standard Stable Blueprints into one Deluxe Blueprint.

If you already made a stable with a regular Stable Blueprint and you wish you had made a stable with a Deluxe Stable Blueprint, don't fret! If you have another Stable Blueprint in your inventory, you can click the 'Improve Stable' button and it will add the 25 stalls from the Stable Blueprint to your existing stable.

You can move multiple horses into a new stable by clicking the 'Fill' button or remove all horses currently living in a stable by clicking the 'Empty' button.
Rehabilitation Equipment
Equine therapy equipment can be purchased once you earn the appropriate Business skill. They can be purchased under your Stable page. Look for the 'Manage Farm' link underneath the 'Management' menu. On the 'Manage Farm' page, look for the 'Purchase Therapy Center Features' section. Once you have them, your injured horses will have access to new rehabilitation exercises which greatly speed up their injury recovery.
Barn Naming
One of the greatest things about building barns is the organization feature. If you change your mind about how you'd like to organize down the road - maybe you have more racers, or more broodmares! - that's just fine. When you look at your Current Stables, simply click the name of the one you want to edit. If you click this, you can change the name. You can also change the category if you'd like to switch it (from 'yearlings' to 'retired', for example!) - there is no limit on how many times you do this. However, once you demolish a barn, it's really gone for good, so try to repurpose a barn before destroying it!

Brief HTML is allowed in stable names and can be used to create a break so that you can organize your list of stables into separate rows!
It is also possible to convert acreage into Pastures. This can have several benefits, and is necessary if you want to send your horses to Pasture. It is not necessary for Vacation Pasture. If you decide you no longer need your current amount of Pastures, you can also “Reclaim Pastures”. Converting acreage into Pasture is free.