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If you glance at the sidebar on the right side of the site, you should see something that says 'Rank: ____'. If you've just joined, this should indicate that you are a Green member. Green is the first of six ranks of membership:
Green, Novice, Amateur, Savvy, Master and Diamond.

Unlike the numerical levels and skills, rank is based upon the number of races your horses complete and your success in the game; the more your enter races and earn race points, the faster your rank will rise. The requirements for each rank level are listed below. Race points will only advance you into the Diamond Rank, all other ranks require races run.
Rank Classifications
Green 0-100 racing starts
Novice 100 - 500 racing starts
Amateur 500 - 1,500 racing starts
Savvy 1,500 - 3,000 racing starts
Master 3,000 racing starts - 50,000 racing points
Diamond 50,000+ racing points
How does Rank differ from Level?
Levels are a great way for you to earn skills simply by playing the game. Since the game is set up where players can play in their own ways, it is entirely possible to play the game with a huge string of allowance racers who rarely win races and earn all of your skills that way.

However you would still not have a barn that can actually be competitive against someone else who has a barn full of talented stakes racers. By having the highest of these ranks based on your racing success (not activity), it allows us to tailor certain features on the site based on the quality of horses you own.
Benefits of Ranks
Players aren't typically in Green rank very long, but while you are you'll receive a number of perks to make it easier to learn the game. As you move up the ladder of ranks, you'll gain (or lose) access to different features and perks around the site. Some features based on your rank are:

• The cost of horses at the Horse Trader
• The rate at which you earn Breeding Passes
• The cost to consign horses to auctions
• The cost of vet fees
• The chance of horses gaining consistency from training (after unlocking 4 star training skill)

An important perk of being Green/Novice/Amateur is access to the Initiate's Quest race series.
Rank Rewards
Whenever you move up in rank, you will receive a selection of prizes from FFH as a reward. Overall, this system keeps things fair for everyone by making it so that new members do not feel as overwhelmed competing against already-established stables, while still offering different incentives for moving up in the ranks.
Novice 1 Import Voucher, 3 Game Month Pro Upgrade, 3 Blazing Horseshoes
*200 PC is rewarded instead of the upgrade if already Forever Pro
Amateur 1 Import Voucher, 1 Bedazzling Shampoo, 2 Stable Blueprints, 3 Blazing Horseshoes
Savvy 1 Goldblood Token, 1 Lucky Clover, 1 Radiant Truffles, 1 Victor's Blade
Master 1 Goldblood Token, 1 Dun Token, 1 Heir's Crown, 1 Amore Charm, 1 Brilliant Berry Treats
Diamond 1 Goldblood Token, 1 Silver Token, 1 Inheritance Interrupter