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Stats & Potential

Base Stats
Base stats are the six main stats a horse has: Breaking, Early Speed, Rating, Versatility, Acceleration, and Late Speed. These display on horse pages These display on horse pages by default as grey stars (for unmaxed stats) or as blue stars (for maxed stats). If you do not have “Stablewide Hidden Stats” purchased from the upgrades shop (found here) you will see a range of possible potentials that your horse currently falls within next to their surface proficiencies. These can be listed as 6-20, 20-40, or 40-60. Your horse’s total potential will fall within the range listed. If you have purchased the Hidden Stats upgrade, you will see exact numbers for each stat and the range will be replaced with an exact total (for example, 34 instead of 20-40).

Each of these stats can range from 1-10 points, making a total possible "Potential" of 60 and the lowest possible potential 6. A 60 potential is also referred to as a Peerless horse.

Potential and style proficiency contribute to the PR score your horse achieves in a race. However, other factors will actually have equal or more bearing into the PR than these do. The maximum possible PR is 250, so potential is certainly not the only important factor. In fact, in younger horses especially, it is not uncommon to see lower potential horses outperform higher potential horses for one reason or another.
Maximum Stats And Potential
A horse's maximum stats are determined at birth. Their original maximum potential is commonly referred to as their birth max. Through training, they will improve their current potential until they eventually max all of their stats. Intelligence determines how quickly a horse will learn stats from training.

There are some cases where a horse will automatically max. Horses aged 6 years old or older will automatically max upon any training, horses from the Horse Trader aged 4yo+ come with all maxed stats, and horses transitioned to SC who have run at least 10 races will automatically max as well. Additionally, Standardbreds who have run 10 races before transitioning to Driving will automatically max their stats upon transitioning.

For bred horses, you can read more on what affects birth max on Foal Potential. For horses who are purchased from the Horse Trader, Pro Shop (Created Goldbloods), and Select Sales, stats are based directly on stat genes. As a yearling, groundwork will improve any stat up to a maximum of three, so 2yos will not necessarily start as 6 potentials in January.

You can improve your horse's max stats via buddy working, gelding, and occasionally by buying a horse from the sales. Retired horses do not gain stats from being bought/sold.

Transitioning to Steeplechase or Driving Trials will give a horse an entirely new set of max stats, meaning that a horse can potentially have a vastly different (either higher or lower) max potential than the one they were born with if they’ve been transitioned. This means that in some cases a newly transitioned horse will have to spend time maxing their stats all over again - unless they met the previously mentioned requirements for auto maxing of stats. Steeplechase and Driving have their own set of hidden Stat Genes that will help determine their new Potential. These hidden genes can be revealed by purchasing the “Stablewide Jump Genes” upgrade in the Pro Shop.