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Racing Traits

There are many different traits that impact how a horse trains and/or races. Some of the most important traits, such as Peak, Prime, Morale, Energy, and Condition, are covered in more detail on other pages in this guide. However, this page provides a brief overview of all the traits you need to know about.
Energy Managing energy is an essential part of keeping a horse training and racing at their best. Horses use energy when training and, more importantly, racing. Horses recover energy at each meet's rollover. The rate at which they lose and gain energy is impacted by condition and athleticism.
Condition Condition is nearly as important as energy, as high condition is important for training and racing. Condition is also important in breeding horses, as mares with low condition will likely have high pregnancy risk and stallions with low condition may throw negative anomalies. Condition is gained primarily by exercising but also by racing.
Peak When a horse is "at their peak", they are considered to be performing at their best. Horses with low peak (whether not yet at peak or past their prime) will perform significantly worse in races. The most ideal time to race a horse is when they are at peak so that you can make the most out of their racing career. Horses will peak at different ages depending upon their unique genetics.
Prime Once a horse is at their peak, they begin using their prime. Prime determines how long a horse stays at peak. The amount of prime a horse has is determined by their unique genetics. High prime is generally preferred, as it makes it easier to manage a horse through a long and successful racing career.
Morale Morale is equally important to peak when it comes to training and racing successfully. A horse with low morale has little motivation to run and will perform very poorly in races. Morale can be increased by feeding Focus, training and racing. Current morale will fluctuate based on various factors involved in training and racing. Temperament will also influence how easily a horse maintains high morale.
Experience Experience helps horses perform better in races, though it is not as critical as traits such as peak and morale. Experience is most important ins Stellar and series races. A horse can gain experience by performing buddy workouts and racing successfully.
Courage Courage is how much desire a horse has to win. Though it matters in all races, courage is most important when a horse is facing larger fields. A horse has a maximum amount of courage determined by a random Heart trait. Training, primarily trail rides, will help a horse raise their courage up to their maximum.
Consistency Consistency determines how consistently a horse races. A horse with higher consistency will race at their best more often, while a horse with lower consistency may see fluctuating Performance Ratings. A horse has a maximum consistency determined by Temperament genes. Training of all types can help a horse raise their consistency up to their maximum.
Maturity Maturity is how physically developed a horse is. A horse should not enter heavy training or racing until they are mature enough to handle the wear and tear on their body. Training or racing a horse with low maturity can cause developmental problems that can increase risk. How quickly a horse develops (matures) is determined by their Development genes. You can expect horses to reach full (100%) maturity as follows: Outstanding - 12 months, Excellent - 16 months, Good - 22 months, Fair - 30 months, Poor - 50 months.
Longevity Longevity is a measure of how many races a horses can run before they start losing soundness. This amount can vary widely from as few as 5 races to 30 or more races. The amount of longevity a horse is born with is determined by Health genes. Longevity is often used as a measure of when to retire a horse and a horse cannot retire until they have 6 or less races left. (However, it does not hurt to use up all their available races or even dip into soundness a bit.)
Soundness Soundness is, essentially, how healthy a horse is. Racing is a strenuous activity and will eventually wear a horse down. Once a horse is out of longevity, their soundness will begin to decline. Horses will also lose soundness if they suffer major injuries. Soundness does not drastically impact a horse's racing ability, but does impact their likelihood of being injured in races.
Athleticism Athleticism works hand in hand with energy. It determines how much energy horses use when training and racing as well as how quickly they regenerate energy at rollovers. Horses with high athleticism can race more often (usually monthly), while horses with low athleticism may only be able to race every-other month. Athleticism is a gene that can only be viewed with Forever Pro, however, you can estimate a horse's athleticism by keeping track of how much energy they use when racing and/or training. In addition, performing long gallops with your horse has a chance to increase their athleticism.
Pace Preference All horses have base stats and a racing style. The racing styles of horses in a race determine the pace of the race. A pace preference determines what type of pace a horse will benefit most from. This trait is determined by a horse's Late Speed and Early Speed stats. A horse with higher Late Speed will benefit from a fast pace, while a horse with higher Early Speed will benefit from a slow pace. Horses with equal stats will have no pace preference.
Mud Tolerance Mud tolerance is a non-hereditary trait that determines how well a horse races on wet tracks. A horse with high mud tolerance may run better than normal when entered on a sloppy track, while horses with low mud tolerance may run very poorly on wet tracks. Horses with low mud tolerance are also more likely to be injured when running on muddy tracks.
Favorite Distance Every horse has a favorite distance. This is the distance at which they perform their best and is determined by their distance genes. In addition to a horse's specific favorite distance, they will also perform better at the 1-2 distances adjoining their favorite distance. If you know a horse's favorite distance, it is wise to train them so that it is in the middle of their 3-distance range.
Colt Composure
& Filly Power
Colt Composure and Filly Power are non-hereditary traits that determine how well horses perform in races with the opposite gender. It is easy to avoid racing a filly against colts, since there are "filly only" races. However, if you have a horse with high FP, you may benefit from entering a filly in open races. CC and FP both have the potential to be improved by doing Long Gallops during off-season.
Risk Risk, which is covered in more detail in the Injuries section, determines how likely a horse is to be injured in a race. A horse's starting risk is impacted loosely by Conformation genes. However, risk can increase or decrease based upon how a horse is trained and/or raced.

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