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What is Rest or Rested?
Rest, also referred to as Rested, is a trait that relates to how fresh and prepared to race your horse is feeling, and is in no way related to Energy or Condition. Horses that are "Rested" will see improvement to their race performance, while horses with low Rest will experience declining PRs.

You can view a horse's Rest status by looking at the star on their main page. This star will either be grey (poor), red (low), yellow (average), or green (high). Horses will perform at their best when within the green range.
Dynamics of Rest
Rest is gained at each monthly rollover at a rate determined by their Rest gene; however, they will lose Rest every time they enter a race. Each horse has unique genes that determine how well they maintain Rest. Rest has no impact on energy gain/loss and is not negatively impacted by multiple training sessions in a meet. Some horses may only be able to race a few times a year (if you want them at their best), while other horses hardly ever need a break.

Any time a horse is taking a month off of racing it is said to be "resting". Horses are most often rested in the month (or two) before they enter a major series race as well as during the four off season months between November and February.

It's important to remember that not all rest is equal. In addition to the genetic component at play, you can greatly impact how fast your horse recovers Rest between races. Buddy workouts, grooming, trail rides and Gleam feed are easy ways to help your horse recover Rest faster. You can also use additional items (see below) if you need additional help.

Horses lose a significant amount of Rest when it races outside of its home region, away from its home track or performs a Buddy Workout too often. The amount of Rest lost during traveling outside of its home region or away from its home region is determined by the horse’s Travel gene.
Racing Rules Of Thumb
Although Rest impacts all racing horses, it is considered most important when racing G1 horses, especially going into series races. If you want your best horses to race at their best, you should try to keep their star within green range every time they enter a race. This is the main reason it's advised to figure out how often your horse needs to rest and plan accordingly in the month(s) before entering a series race.

Can a horse win races without having green Rest? Absolutely! There are many factors that influence PRs and even if your horse isn't scoring as high for Rest as they could, they may score higher in other areas. It's certainly important to balance Experience with Rest in G1 horses, and some horses may do just fine entering with lower Rest if it helps them maintain Experience easier.
Pro Items for Rest
None of the items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, sometimes you may find that you encounter a situation where you are prepping for a series race with a horse that has a bad Rest gene or you simply forgot to rest your best horse beforehand!
Cozy Cocoa
This item can occasionally be purchased at the Pro Shop or found in user shops. This improves a horse's Rest gene if it’s below Average and also immediately improves their Rest to a green star. You can only use this item on a horse once per year. You may not use it on horses under age four.
Bundle of TLC
This can be found in the Pro Shop or crafted in the Workshop. In addition to numerous other perks, Bundle of TLC will slightly increase Rest at each month's rollover for a period of 6 months.
What is Experience?
Experience is another measure of a horse's mental preparation to race. While horses can become fatigued and mentally sour, Experience represents the opposite of that. As a horse races, they are exposed to new environments and new situations. If they are successful, they become more confident. All of these things are summed up as Experience. The more a horse races and the better they perform in races, generally the more Experience they will gain.

You can view a horse's Experience level by looking for the star on their main page. Like Rest, it will be either grey (poor), red (low), yellow (average), or green (high). Horses will run at their best when their Experience is within the green range.
Dynamics of Experience
As already noted, horses usually gain Experience when they race. They will lose it whenever they are not racing. The amount they gain from a race will be determined largely by their PR, so horses running in lower grades of races may not gain much, if any, Experience. Stellar races are the best place for horses to earn Experience. Beyond that, the ease of maintaining Experience is based upon their Experience gene. Some horses will almost never be able to maintain Experience, regardless of how well they race, while others will have an easier time retaining high Experience levels.

In addition to increasing from racing, horses can also gain Experience from performing buddy workouts. There are a few other ways you can boost Experience listed in the table below.

Experience is reduced when feeding Focus, Hype, or Gleam, so be mindful of when you use these feeds.
Pro Items for Experience
None of the items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, if you're prepping a horse for series races that is struggling to gain Experience, you can use these to help them out.
Bundle of TLC
This can be found in the Pro Shop or crafted in the Workshop. In addition to numerous other perks, Bundle of TLC will slightly increase Experience at each month's rollover for a period of 6 months.
Stained Glass Cookie
This is an item can be found the Pro Shop and can also be obtained free through some holiday events. The Stained Glass Cookie will instantly raise a horse's Experience by approximately one star level. It can only be used twice in one year.

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Gelding incentive payouts have been increased significantly.
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Rest did not get added at the start of August. It has now been added to all horses.
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Scavenger Hunt hint: #26 can be found somewhere within the Genetics section of the Handbook.
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The yearling auction is open for consignment. Consignments will close (and bidding will open) at the start of September.
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You can now earn a Radiant activity badge if you send at least 10 Sparks of Joy per week.
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Registration is now open for the October Spooktacular board game tournament! Click here to learn more about the tournament and how to register.
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A couple bugs with Maintenance stat gains have been fixed. Horses will now gain stats from Maintenance at the appropriate rate and stats improved will be listed in the successful training notification.
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Hint for scavenger hunt #5 - it can be found somewhere within the Community tab.
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3 year olds now have a chance to improve in stats when racing.
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PayPal continues to have problems with 90% of PC purchases so automation has been turned off until we can figure out what's wrong. All PC purchased will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment. There's no need to message me unless it hasn't arrived within 24 hours. I'll post another update whenever we get automated PC deposits working again. Thanks for your patience!
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More 2 year old races have been added for TB/GB and QH/PH for May A. We'll also have an expanded card for May B.
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Legendary Inventors has been subbed out for Viticulture in the tournament as we determined Viticulture isn't as smooth for turn-based play. Everyone signed up for Favorites Fair will receive invitations to Legendary Inventors today.
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Prices for Blood Test and Blood Range have been reduced.
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Prizes for reaching higher ranks have been updated. You can see the new prize lists on this page. Everyone has also been awarded any new prizes available for their current rank.
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Make sure you've filled out the invitation request form if you want to participate in the Birthday Bash. A number of people who contacted with interest haven't requested invitations. If you've requested invitations and haven't received one within 48 hours, please contact the division host.
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08/30/21 12:01 pm
2 year olds will now receive their Travel affinity advancement bonus if they ran at least 4 races. (3 year olds still require 10 total.)
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08/30/21 11:05 am
Energy has been reset to 100% and Condition to a minimum of 80%.
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08/28/21 1:09 pm
Prices for all standard feeds, excluding Gleam, have been reduced. This includes pallet prices.
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08/28/21 11:46 am
The extra fee for multiple entries in color shows has been reduced from $20,000 (per entry) to $10,000 (per entry).
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~It's almost my birthday and I'll game if I want to! Collect donuts if I want to, roll dice if I want to! You can game too if it sounds fun to you!~

We hosting a mega board game tournament for the month of September! There are several categories to pick from, ranging from quick and silly to more complex, so don't be shy about joining us even if you're not an experienced gamer. You can find all the exciting details in this document. Hope to see you there!
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08/26/21 3:30 am
Basic Wraps now have 10 uses. All existing Basic Wraps, including those equipped to horses, have been boosted to 10 uses remaining.
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08/25/21 6:44 pm
Waystone now improves travel affinity by one level.
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08/24/21 9:51 pm
Horses who score 98%+ in color shows will receive 2 bonus points. These points have been retroactively awarded for all Y46 shows.
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08/24/21 9:43 pm
The annual community survey is now available! This is a pretty thorough survey, so please allow a little time to complete. You may complete the survey anonymously, but we'll be sending a small token of appreciation to all who opt to include their name/ID.
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08/24/21 3:08 am
Savings interest will be removed after April A. Please make sure to claim your last available interest this meet.
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08/21/21 12:58 pm
All broodmares are eligible for special trade-in at the Golden Apple Orchard. You will receive no rewards for using this limited-time option, so if a mare is eligible in the normal trade-in use it instead.
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08/21/21 12:57 pm
A bug was fixed where yearlings were gaining Morale from Grooming. (Yearlings do not gain Morale from training.)
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08/20/21 6:41 pm
Broodmares not bred will lose Fertility in July. (In foal and covered mares count as 'bred'.) Mares who cannot be bred due to injury are exempt.
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08/16/21 1:53 pm
Color shows now award Breeding Passes. These are currently awarded at the same rate as Breeding Passes for race starts, but may be adjusted in the future. Breeding Passes have been retroactively awarded for all Y46 shows.
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Join us on Discord for a workshop on Breeding Stud Quality at 8PM FFH time tonight!
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Activity Badges are temporarily unavailable.
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Private Sales are no longer available. Leases may only be listed for a maximum of 18 months.
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Suggested stud fees have been updated with consideration for HT stallions.
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08/05/21 2:55 pm
New skin Fireflies is now available! We have discontinued support for several outdated skins and anyone using those skins has been automatically swapped to Fireflies.
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08/04/21 8:48 pm
Code that alters the appearance and/or function of FFH pages has never been permitted with the exception of stable pages. However, this rule now extends to the entire site, meaning CSS is no longer permitted on stable pages. You may still display image banners in the banner section or create tables and/or layouts within the appropriate section of your stable profile.
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08/01/21 2:20 pm
Suggested stud fees have been adjusted to reflect recent changes in Development and Heritage. This is unlikely to result in significant changes for most horses, but may be important for some.
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08/01/21 1:30 pm
The Golden Apple Orchard prizes have been rebalanced and include some new additions.
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08/01/21 12:02 pm
Coffee with a mod? Coffee with a mod! Come hang out in Discord and ask all your New Year's questions!
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Do you read news posts? Don't forget to reply to earn some cash and a chance to win some New Year's prizes! (Be sure to follow the rules!)
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07/31/21 4:42 pm
If you received a stillborn notice before 3:00pm, please disregard. There were some blips in the foaling system, resulting in stillborn PMs, and your mare is probably still in foal. You can check Mare Services to be sure.
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07/30/21 12:17 pm
Today is the last day of the Summer Sizzler sale!
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07/28/21 5:16 pm
Fae horses may now opt in to color shows. Shows will be available for them beginning in January Y46.
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07/25/21 4:43 pm
All stables receive up to a 25% discount on race entry fees based upon racing activity in the previous game month. The same discount applies to show entry fees based upon show activity in the previous game month.
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07/25/21 4:28 pm
Stables may earn a Chameleon badge when they actively enter horses in color shows.
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07/25/21 3:42 pm
Genotype Search results show breed(s) accepted under the stud fee.