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What is Rest or Rested?
Rest, also referred to as Rested, is a trait that relates to how fresh and prepared to race your horse is feeling, and is in no way related to Energy or Condition. Horses that are "Rested" will see improvement to their race performance, while horses with low Rest will experience declining PRs.

You can view a horse's Rest status by looking at the star on their main page. This star will either be grey (poor), red (low), yellow (average), or green (high). Horses will perform at their best when within the green range.
Dynamics of Rest
Horses will improve their Rest trait any time they take a break from racing. They will lose Rest every time they enter a race. Each horse has unique genes that determine how fast they gain and lose Rest. Rest has no impact on energy gain/loss and is not negatively impacted by multiple training sessions in a meet. Some horses may only be able to race a few times a year (if you want them at their best), while other horses hardly ever need a break.

Any time a horse is taking a month off of racing it is said to be "resting". Horses are most often rested in the month (or two) before they enter a major series race as well as during the four off season months between November and February.

It's important to remember that not all rest is equal. In addition to the genetic component at play, you can greatly impact how fast your horse recovers Rest between races. Buddy workouts, grooming, and Gleam feed are easy ways to help your horse recover Rest faster. You can also use additional items (see below) if you need additional help.

Rest is decreased when feeding Hype, so you should be mindful of when you choose to use this feed. Rest is also decreased when a horse races outside of its home region.
Racing Rules Of Thumb
Although Rest impacts all racing horses, it is considered most important when racing G1 horses, especially going into series races. If you want your best horses to race at their best, you should try to keep their star within green range every time they enter a race. This is the main reason it's advised to figure out how often your horse needs to rest and plan accordingly in the month(s) before entering a series race.

Can a horse win races without having green Rest? Absolutely! There are many factors that influence PRs and even if your horse isn't scoring as high for Rest as they could, they may score higher in other areas. It's certainly important to balance Experience with Rest in G1 horses, and some horses may do just fine entering with lower Rest if it helps them maintain Experience easier.
Pro Items for Rest
None of the items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, sometimes you may find that you encounter a situation where you are prepping for a series race with a horse that has a bad Rest gene or you simply forgot to rest your best horse beforehand!
Cozy Cocoa
This item can occasionally be purchased at the Pro Shop or found in user shops. This improves a horse's Rest gene, if it is below 'Average', and also immediately improves their Rest to a green star. You can only use this item on a horse once per year. You may not use it on horses under age 4.
Master Massager
This is an item can be found the Pro Shop and can be obtained in Balance & Breathe Baskets as well. It will increase a horse's Prime, Condition, Rest, and Morale each monthly rollover for a period of 4 months. It is useful for horses which may need a little TLC in the areas mentioned while you also continue to race/train them.
This can be found in the Pro Shop. Along with other perks, Slurpit will improve Rest. Its benefits will happen each monthly rollover for 3 months. This item can be used on 2 and 3 year olds, so can be very beneficial while preparing them for series races.
Bundle of TLC
This can be found in the Pro Shop or crafted in the Workshop. In addition to numerous other perks, Bundle of TLC will slightly increase Rest at each month's rollover for a period of 6 months.
What is Experience?
Experience is another measure of a horse's mental preparation to race. While horses can become fatigued and mentally sour, Experience represents the opposite of that. As a horse races, they are exposed to new environments and new situations. If they are successful, they become more confident. All of these things are summed up as Experience. The more a horse races and the better they perform in races, generally the more Experience they will gain.

You can view a horse's Experience level by looking for the star on their main page. Like Rest, it will be either grey (poor), red (low), yellow (average), or green (high). Horses will run at their best when their Experience is within the green range.
Dynamics of Experience
As already noted, horses usually gain Experience when they race. They will lose it whenever they are not racing. The amount they gain from a race will be determined largely by their PR, so horses running in lower grades of races may not gain much, if any, Experience. Beyond that, the ease of maintaining Experience is based upon their Experience gene. Some horses will almost never be able to maintain Experience, regardless of how well they race, while others will have an easier time retaining high Experience levels.

In addition to increasing from racing, horses can also gain Experience from performing buddy workouts. Performing buddy workouts when a horse is resting (see above) will help mitigate some of the Experience naturally lost when a horse isn't racing. There are a few other ways you can boost Experience listed in the table below.

Experience is reduced when feeding Focus, Hype, or Gleam, so be mindful of when you use these feeds.
Pro Items for Experience
None of the items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, if you're prepping a horse for series races that is struggling to gain Experience, you can use these to help them out.
Bundle of TLC
This can be found in the Pro Shop or crafted in the Workshop. In addition to numerous other perks, Bundle of TLC will slightly increase Experience at each month's rollover for a period of 6 months.
Stained Glass Cookie
This is an item can be found the Pro Shop and can also be obtained free through some holiday events. The Stained Glass Cookie will instantly raise a horse's Experience by approximately one star level. It can only be used twice in one year though, so keep that in mind when applying it.
This can be found in the Pro Shop. Happyball will, along with other improvements, raise a horse's Experience at each month's rollover for a period of 3 months. This item can be used on 2 and 3 year olds and can be especially useful when prepping young horses for series races.

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
Yesterday at 11:06 am
You may now add colts of any age to your favorite studs list.
Issa (#1)
01/09/21 1:24 pm
Hype no longer reduces Rest.
Issa (#1)
01/08/21 8:29 pm
Bonuses/penalties for early/late entry have been removed. You may now enter on whatever day suits your schedule without suffering consequences!
Issa (#1)
12/15/20 8:58 pm
Series race pools will not run until 10:00pm tomorrow night. Meet A will still be running as scheduled otherwise.
Issa (#1)
12/06/20 8:07 pm
Training and entering are down for maintenance.
Issa (#1)
11/29/20 4:20 pm
We're ringing in some holiday cheer with a new contest! More details can be found on the forum.
Issa (#1)
11/27/20 4:01 pm
MII qualifications have been adjusted.
Issa (#1)
11/21/20 11:54 pm
Seeing as a lot of people are still trying to finish up barns, rollover is being postponed by 1 hour and will start at 2:00am. The site will be down an extra hour, until 4:00am.
Issa (#1)
11/19/20 3:17 pm
Performance Distinction now rewards Legacy, but no longer adds an extra foal slot to males.
Issa (#1)
11/19/20 1:55 pm
Legacy now always adds 3 slots, up to a maximum of 25 foal slots for stallions. Victor's Blade now always adds 5 slots, up to a maximum of 30 foal slots.
Issa (#1)
11/19/20 1:27 pm
The durability of Happyball and Slurpit has been reduced to 3 months.
Issa (#1)
11/14/20 9:38 am
Words of wisdom: As always, I suggest not getting too far into matching until the dust settles! (Or be prepared to make a few changes if needed.)
Issa (#1)
11/13/20 9:20 pm
Horse Trader prices have been reduced. The HT also stocks 2yo Thoroughbreds again.
Issa (#1)
11/13/20 1:28 pm
Race entering will be unavailable after January rollover.
Issa (#1)
11/12/20 6:12 pm
The Exercise page will be closed for maintenance after the January rollover. We do not yet have an ETA for when it will reopen.
Issa (#1)
11/02/20 5:10 pm
Problems with WCF qualifications have been resolved. Unqualified horses which had already entered the races have been scratched.
Issa (#1)
11/01/20 12:29 pm
Mares who do not receive their second checkup will no longer miscarry at the yearly rollover. Instead, their foals will be more likely to suffer from genetic defects.
Issa (#1)
10/29/20 3:24 pm
Does your horse dream of being a unicorn? Or maybe they're prowling for their purrever pride? Either way, we've got you covered! Trot on over to check out the two newest new backgrounds: Boonicorn and Rainboo Purrade! You can buy them as singles, infinites, or in the Rainboos & Boonicorns infinite bundle!
Issa (#1)
10/27/20 8:08 pm
Hearthstones are now functional!
Issa (#1)
10/26/20 7:08 pm
Trophies have been awarded for all series races from (at least) Y40 to present. This includes: individual CC races, individual TT races, MSF, ES, ISHC, BF/IF, and IQ.
Issa (#1)
10/26/20 1:52 pm
If you had one of the Horse Trader horses that was removed due to a bug this morning, post in the Modbox with the total amount spent and number of Trader Tickets used.
Issa (#1)
10/25/20 10:08 pm
Two new spooky backgrounds are available in the Pro Shop! Boo Sheet and Once In A Boo Moon are two variations of the same background. (One with a costume for your horse; one without!) If you want both you can purchase them in the Dejaboo bundle. (Forewarning: There may also be another background coming soon.)
Issa (#1)
10/25/20 3:40 pm
Yearling buddies who are not fed and trained will not provide assigned yearlings any benefits.
Issa (#1)
10/25/20 3:40 pm
Horses who are not fed will lose Energy at rollover.
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 7:13 pm
Crystal Chalices are now functional!
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 5:01 pm
Pastured mares now have reduced miscarriage and stillborn chances in the year they return from pasture.
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 3:39 pm
You may now extend pasture from the main page of any horse who is currently on pasture.
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 1:49 pm
Stallions have a new SIP icon for 'Sophomore' stallions with less than 10 foals who haven't earned SIP.
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 12:34 pm
The item stock at the Golden Apple Orchard has been updated!
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 12:33 pm
The Golden Apple Orchard is now accepting fillies and mares as low as 20 potential (with Business skill). Additionally, trading in fillies/mares currently rewards bonus Golden Apples as well as a Breeding Pass and Vigor.
Issa (#1)
10/24/20 11:34 am
Bronze SIP requirements have been reduced to 30 AFP with less than 10 foals and 28 AFP with 10 or more foals. All non-SIP studs are now eligible to test again.
Issa (#1)
10/23/20 8:36 pm
Stallions may now be listed for Y43 stud. Beginning this breeding season, you must pay a listing fee to stand them publicly. You can find more details about listing fees in the Handbook.
Issa (#1)
10/23/20 4:13 pm
SIP upgrading has been updated. Goldbloods have the same requirements as all other breeds. Bronze now requires 2 MII mares and Silver requires 3 MII mares.
Issa (#1)
10/23/20 2:03 pm
Tournaround Medallion has a new use! It will now improve a horse's Steeplechase stat genes, making them a minimum of average quality. Each item may now only be used once.
Issa (#1)
10/23/20 12:18 pm
If you transitioned any horses to SC/DT since the news post last night, please PM Flash (#2) on FFH or Discord with the ID#s of all horses.
Alex (#165)
10/22/20 10:42 pm
Word scramble hint: 28 & 29 are thematically related but neither involves the word 'laugh'.
Issa (#1)
10/22/20 3:35 pm
4yo+ Horse Trader horses purchased by new players now automatically come with maxed Courage and Consistency.
Issa (#1)
10/22/20 12:58 pm
Since we are down to 2 regions, the top 10 Gold Cup finishers will be eligible for World Championship Festival races. Please remember they will still be subject to standard entry pool regulations if any WCF race ends up with over 20 entries.
Issa (#1)
10/22/20 11:30 am
Sugar Cubes now maintain Rest as well as Energy. Their price has been adjusted accordingly and is now 400 PC.
Issa (#1)
10/21/20 9:22 pm
Final submissions for the contest must be sent to me no later than 9:00am tomorrow morning!
Issa (#1)
10/21/20 11:44 am
There's a pop-up contest happening on Discord! Easy to enter and everyone wins!
Issa (#1)
10/19/20 12:50 pm
The Rest star has been adjusted to be a little easier to follow. The Rest race note has been updated accordingly.
Issa (#1)
10/16/20 5:46 pm
Registered names automatically lock when a horse is sold through sales or auction.
Issa (#1)
10/15/20 4:40 pm
Steeplechase and Driving Trial transitioning is unavailable until further notice.
Issa (#1)
10/11/20 8:03 pm
Several updates have been made to Partnerships. Only yearlings are eligible for partnerships. The limit of partners per horse is now 10 and the limit per year, per stable, is now 60. The payouts have also been adjusted, as listed on the Partnerships page.
Issa (#1)
10/10/20 1:18 pm
World Championship Festival races are moving to December.
Issa (#1)
10/06/20 7:06 pm
Travel outside of region now reduces Rest.
Issa (#1)
10/06/20 6:07 pm
Experience gain from races has been adjusted slightly to have a more flexible sliding scale based upon PR.
Issa (#1)
10/04/20 6:27 pm
Horses will be able to enter either region of Gold Cups this year, regardless of where their primary track is located.
Issa (#1)
10/04/20 10:27 am
Y42 Yearling Sales are open for consignment!