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What is Rest or Rested?
Rest, also referred to as Rested, is a trait that relates to how fresh and prepared to race your horse is feeling, and is in no way related to Energy or Condition. Horses that are "Rested" will see improvement to their race performance, while horses with low Rest will experience declining PRs.

You can view a horse's Rest status by looking at the star on their main page. This star will either be grey (poor), red (low), yellow (average), or green (high). Horses will perform at their best when within the green range.
Dynamics of Rest
Rest is gained at each monthly rollover at a rate determined by their Rest gene; however, they will lose Rest every time they enter a race. Each horse has unique genes that determine how well they maintain Rest. Rest has no impact on energy gain/loss and is not negatively impacted by multiple training sessions in a meet. Some horses may only be able to race a few times a year (if you want them at their best), while other horses hardly ever need a break.

Any time a horse is taking a month off of racing it is said to be "resting". Horses are most often rested in the month (or two) before they enter a major series race as well as during the four off season months between November and February.

It's important to remember that not all rest is equal. In addition to the genetic component at play, you can greatly impact how fast your horse recovers Rest between races. Buddy workouts, grooming, trail rides and Gleam feed are easy ways to help your horse recover Rest faster. You can also use additional items (see below) if you need additional help.

Horses lose a significant amount of Rest when it races outside of its home region, away from its home track or performs a Buddy Workout too often. The amount of Rest lost during traveling outside of its home region or away from its home region is determined by the horse’s Travel gene.
Racing Rules Of Thumb
Although Rest impacts all racing horses, it is considered most important when racing G1 horses, especially going into series races. If you want your best horses to race at their best, you should try to keep their star within green range every time they enter a race. This is the main reason it's advised to figure out how often your horse needs to rest and plan accordingly in the month(s) before entering a series race.

Can a horse win races without having green Rest? Absolutely! There are many factors that influence PRs and even if your horse isn't scoring as high for Rest as they could, they may score higher in other areas. It's certainly important to balance Experience with Rest in G1 horses, and some horses may do just fine entering with lower Rest if it helps them maintain Experience easier.
Pro Items for Rest
None of the items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, sometimes you may find that you encounter a situation where you are prepping for a series race with a horse that has a bad Rest gene or you simply forgot to rest your best horse beforehand!
Cozy Cocoa
This item can occasionally be purchased at the Pro Shop or found in user shops. This improves a horse's Rest gene if it’s below Average and also immediately improves their Rest to a green star. You can only use this item on a horse once per year. You may not use it on horses under age four.
Bundle of TLC
This can be found in the Pro Shop or crafted in the Workshop. In addition to numerous other perks, Bundle of TLC will slightly increase Rest at each month's rollover for a period of 6 months.
What is Experience?
Experience is another measure of a horse's mental preparation to race. While horses can become fatigued and mentally sour, Experience represents the opposite of that. As a horse races, they are exposed to new environments and new situations. If they are successful, they become more confident. All of these things are summed up as Experience. The more a horse races and the better they perform in races, generally the more Experience they will gain.

You can view a horse's Experience level by looking for the star on their main page. Like Rest, it will be either grey (poor), red (low), yellow (average), or green (high). Horses will run at their best when their Experience is within the green range.
Dynamics of Experience
As already noted, horses usually gain Experience when they race. They will lose it whenever they are not racing. The amount they gain from a race will be determined largely by their PR, so horses running in lower grades of races may not gain much, if any, Experience. Stellar races are the best place for horses to earn Experience. Beyond that, the ease of maintaining Experience is based upon their Experience gene. Some horses will almost never be able to maintain Experience, regardless of how well they race, while others will have an easier time retaining high Experience levels.

In addition to increasing from racing, horses can also gain Experience from performing buddy workouts. There are a few other ways you can boost Experience listed in the table below.

Experience is reduced when feeding Focus, Hype, or Gleam, so be mindful of when you use these feeds.
Pro Items for Experience
None of the items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, if you're prepping a horse for series races that is struggling to gain Experience, you can use these to help them out.
Bundle of TLC
This can be found in the Pro Shop or crafted in the Workshop. In addition to numerous other perks, Bundle of TLC will slightly increase Experience at each month's rollover for a period of 6 months.
Stained Glass Cookie
This is an item can be found the Pro Shop and can also be obtained free through some holiday events. The Stained Glass Cookie will instantly raise a horse's Experience by approximately one star level. It can only be used twice in one year.

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Making Magic
Alex (#165)
06/24/22 12:09 am
Some of the Goldblood mares in the Select Sale Auction were consigned incorrectly. They have now been fixed and may be bid on again!
Issa (#1)
06/12/22 9:06 pm
Per community feedback, some updates have been made to the YA. See recent news post or Consign page for more information. Yearlings may also eat Alfalfa Cubes now.
Issa (#1)
06/12/22 6:15 pm
Suggested Grade has been updated to reflect recent PRs when a horse has finished races within the current year. This will make it a more accurate representation of what grade a horse should perform best in.
Issa (#1)
06/09/22 1:46 pm
You may now purchase up to 200 partnerships in yearlings each year. This is an increase from the former limit of 60.
Issa (#1)
06/06/22 8:28 pm
Racing horses 9 and older have been returned from pasture in case you'd like to race them this year with maximum racing age changes. If you want to keep them on pasture, just click the button to pasture them again.
Issa (#1)
06/06/22 6:06 pm
If you aren't seeing updated tack art/colors, you may need to hard refresh by pressing CTRL+F5. Clearing your cache may also help.
Issa (#1)
06/03/22 1:52 pm
The Golden Apple Orchard now offers Heir's Crowns.
Issa (#1)
06/02/22 8:59 pm
Retired mares are now eligible to pension for free. This is being offered on a trial basis through at least the end of the Y50 breeding season.
Issa (#1)
06/02/22 7:39 pm
Beginning in Y50, the maximum racing age will be reduced to 10. Horses 11 years and older will be ineligible to enter races and automatically retired from racing.
Issa (#1)
05/27/22 12:18 pm
The color scale for Rest and Morale has been adjusted to include a blue indicator for the most ideal range, making it easier for those who can't see exact % to manage racing and training.
Issa (#1)
05/20/22 7:28 pm
The June Board Game Arena tournament is open for registration! Information can be found on Discord and the forum.
Issa (#1)
05/02/22 11:53 am
As part of our 30 (60) Days of Flowers, I will be painting every flower onto a postcard. If you'd like a chance at receiving a postcard, provide your address through this form. Recipients will be drawn randomly for each flower and each person may only be chosen once. You do not need to be inside the US to sign up.
Issa (#1)
05/02/22 11:47 am
Calling all colorists! A new quest has appeared in #inky-adventures! Are you up for the challenge?
Issa (#1)
04/30/22 12:22 pm
Final reminder: The Spring Fling sale ends sometime tomorrow!
Issa (#1)
04/26/22 10:59 am
Registration is now open for May Board Game Arena tournaments. Registration information can be found in #tournament-info on Discord.
Issa (#1)
04/21/22 2:09 pm
As matching season draws near, the Intro to Matching page has a couple updates - including new charts for genotype searching and a revision to the KISS tutorial linked within.
Issa (#1)
04/18/22 4:58 pm
You can now 'Subscribe' to forum posts to receive notification of replies.
Issa (#1)
04/18/22 4:40 pm
You may now purchase custom Goldbloods again.
Issa (#1)
04/18/22 3:43 pm
Race Preferences may now be set to include Any Tracks, which will show races at tracks from all regions.
Issa (#1)
04/18/22 10:44 am
Have you checked the forum lately? A spiffy new contest for Standardbreds is kicking off this year!
Issa (#1)
04/18/22 10:36 am
Training is now available for all horses.
Issa (#1)
04/17/22 6:14 pm
Distances and home tracks may now be assigned to Goldbloods.
Issa (#1)
04/17/22 4:39 pm
The Spring Fling Pro Shop sale has started! For every 3 PC purchased, earn 1 free! There's also a variety of fun and rare items stocked in the Pro Shop.
Issa (#1)
04/17/22 3:36 pm
Training Assistant and Jockey purse fees have been updated and can be viewed on their respective pages. You may also begin to hire assistants at Endurance tracks.
Flash (#2)
04/16/22 6:08 pm
Training will be temporarily unavailable at the start of January. Steeplechase transition for Goldbloods will also be inaccessible.
Issa (#1)
04/10/22 2:09 pm
Gelding buddies from the HT are temporarily available at reduced prices. Prices will return to normal in March Y49.
Issa (#1)
04/09/22 5:44 pm
All race preferences will now be reset when a horse is sold, leased, auctioned, or claimed.
Issa (#1)
04/09/22 5:15 pm
Driving Trials do not factor in Colt Composure or Filly Power. This applies to all current and future DT-related races.
Issa (#1)
04/09/22 3:05 pm
Groundwork for racers and Long Gallops have been improved with added benefits. More details will be in an upcoming news post as these changes may impact how you start 2 year olds in January.
Issa (#1)
04/09/22 12:41 pm
Gold Loot Crates have been reimbursed with Crystal Chalices and Green Loot Crates have been reimbursed with Classic Surprise Boxes. Apologies this update has been much delayed!
Waylon (#1593)
04/08/22 7:51 pm
The SS Yearling Raffle will begin at 8:30pm FFH time on Discord!
Issa (#1)
04/07/22 11:20 pm
Don't forget the Select Scholarship entries close Friday morning. Click here to participate!
Maeve (#1539)
04/07/22 9:08 pm
April Art to Heart is open! Our prompt this month is Blossom! Respond to the prompt to earn features and prizes. Check out our discord or the link HERE for more info!
Issa (#1)
03/31/22 11:07 am
Invites for the April BGA tournament must be requested by tomorrow, Friday, morning! Tournaments start Friday night.
Issa (#1)
03/19/22 11:15 am
New? Have questions? Just want to chat about FFH? Stop by Discord for Coffee with a Mod (me!) this morning.
Issa (#1)
03/13/22 12:02 pm
The Y48 Yearling Sales are open for consignment!
Issa (#1)
03/12/22 4:14 pm
Do you like Standardbreds? Get your driving horses lined up and prepaired for 3 mile races. Something unpaircedented is coming soon!
Issa (#1)
03/12/22 4:04 pm
Beginning in Y49, Goldbloods will no longer be sharing races with Thoroughbreds. More details on what's coming for the breed will be announced closer to that time.
Issa (#1)
03/12/22 2:10 pm
Retired Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and Standardbreds no longer suffer from extra Condition loss until they are 20 years or older.
Maeve (#1539)
03/10/22 6:46 pm
March Art to Heart art event is now open! Respond to a provided prompt and earn prizes and features! Check out our discord or the link HERE for more information!
Issa (#1)
02/28/22 11:00 pm
Moderator applications will be closing Wednesday, March 2nd. Please indicate interest, as explained in the '2022 Outlook' post, by that date.
Issa (#1)
02/25/22 10:36 pm
March Board Game Arena tournaments are open for entering. Sign up for a chance to win prizes, including end-of-tournament raffles! Information can be found in the #board-game-arena channel on Discord.
Issa (#1)
02/19/22 12:31 pm
Roses are red, violets are blue... The lovely and talented Raz (#1016) has made a new background for you! This may be a few days late, but you can still dress your horse up for an important date! Single and infinite Heart Bouquet backgrounds are currently available in the Pro Shop.
Issa (#1)
01/29/22 1:16 pm
As a reminder, you should not be reloading other players' 2 year olds. If they aren't reloaded yet, it's probably because the owner hasn't looked at them yet - don't ruin their surprise.
Issa (#1)
01/25/22 7:43 pm
Stud Services now has a breakdown of mares due in the current year and mares already covered for the upcoming year to make it easier to keep track of foal slots. Players can no longer accept breeding requests if total foals + mares in foal would exceed a stallion's foal limit.
Issa (#1)
01/25/22 7:41 pm
Spring now has a daily limit of 10 plays for monetary rewards (rather than $100,000). You may continue to play additional games to earn blackout raffle tickets.
Issa (#1)
01/24/22 11:06 pm
The Trophy Hall revamp is live! You can view it from your Stable profile page.
Issa (#1)
01/24/22 1:45 pm
Due to a bug with Blood Type inheritance, some unretired horses may have a rerolled from their sire's BT to their dam's BT.
Issa (#1)
01/23/22 7:14 pm
The February Be My Palentine Board Game Arena tournament is open for registration! Information can be found in #board-game-arena on Discord.
Issa (#1)
01/22/22 5:16 pm
Training will be temporarily unavailable after tonight's rollover into the new year.