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Intro to Series

What are series races?
There are a number of prestigious races, known as series races, that occur throughout the racing season. They are the highlight of racing season for many players. Since they're often a competition between the best of the best, many put effort into planning and preparing for these races months in advance.

Series races are offered for every breed and age of horse - check the breed-specific sections or the calendar to see when series races for your horse will be. If you have a horse suitable for a race, you're highly encouraged to enter it. Although many put work into preparing for the races, you never know how your horses will do if you don't try!

If your horses are successful, you may take home large purses, trophies, prizes, and even special sheets for your horses to wear! If a horse you bred wins one, it can help establish the reputation of your breeding program! Success in series races is also a great way to get your stallions noticed, increasing demand for their breeding slots in future years.
What's different about series races?
In addition to having higher purses and awarding more points, series races have a couple of differences in calculation of PR. Many of them rely more on Courage, simply due to huge field size, although any large field can see the same result. More importantly, series races place a stronger emphasis on Experience and consider Race Prep.

This is the only time race prep, or prep races, come into play. This simply means that a percentage of a horse's best recent PR, aka 'Race Prep', is added into their PR. If a horse has ran exceptionally well in recent races, this could add up to around 20 points that they won't see in regular races.
Who can enter series races?
Any suitable horse can enter series races through the same process used when entering regular races. 'Suitable' could be broadly defined as any horse who is the right breed, age, and sex who is also trained (to at least yellow) on the right surface/gait and distance. While 4yo+ divisions are tough and usually won by G1-G2 horses, any horse can surprise you in series races for 2 and 3 year olds!

One exception to the above rule is the World Championship Festival for Thoroughbreds. This series requires qualification by placing 7th or better in a Gold Cup race unless they are two year olds which have no placement requirements. Another exception applies to all Quarter Horses and Paint Horses, who cannot enter series races if they are 'appendix' or if they are a 'solid bred' Paint. More info on this can be found on the QH/PH Series page.

Each stable is limited to 3 entries per series race, just like normal races. You must have a different jockey assigned to each horse you enter, whether its a jockey you have contracted or a jockey chosen at random. Additionally, each individual horse can only enter 1 series race per racing meet.

Unlike normal races, however, entering a series race does not automatically guarantee the horse will start in the race. Series races operate on a system known as entry pools. You can read more about how the pools work on the Entry Pools page.
Where are series races?
Series races are easy to find! If you know when a series runs, all you need to do is look for races (using Quick Enter like usual) at series tracks. Each region has one series track which always hosts all series races held in that region, including steeplechase and harness races.

Series Tracks
AmericaBeulah Gardens Park
EuropeRoche de Solutre Raceway
OceaniaKokotaia Raceway

Other Awards
Rising Star
The Rising Star award is given to any horse who wins a World Championship Festival Juvenile race and a Trinity series. A special sheet and trophy are awarded.
Grand Slam
The Grand Slam award is given to any horse who wins a Trinity series and a World Championship Festival Classic or Distaff race in the same year. A special sheet and trophy are awarded.