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Pasture Basics
Pasture Restrictions
Pasture, not to be confused with the turnout section of your stable (which is where horses are held when not in stalls), is a place you can send any horse to give it time off. Horses on pasture are moved to a special section within your stable, found in the right side 'Pasture' link.
You must convert free acreage to pasture to be able to use this feature, which is free to do from the Farm Management page.

While on pasture, horses have several restrictions:
• Cannot be fed
• Cannot be trained
• Cannot perform buddy workouts
• Cannot be used as a gelding buddy
• Cannot enter races or shows
• Cannot be sold, leased, or entered in auction
• Cannot be bred or listed at stud

While any horse is generally eligible for pasture, horses become temporarily ineligible if they are currently being leased or are in foal.

Although pastured horses are not fed or trained, they will not be counted as neglected. Thus, a horse on pasture will never be eligible to reclaim through neglect contracts.
How and When to Pasture
Horses of any age and status can be sent to pasture, but the timeline for doing so varies. Yearlings can be sent to pasture any time between April and July. Horses 2 years and older can be sent to pasture any time between March and October.

Once on pasture, horses will remain there for the remainder of the current game year, not returning to your normal stable until January of the following year. Once sent to pasture, there is no way to remove them from pasture besides waiting until January.

If you're ready to send your horse out for the rest of the year, you can do so by visiting their Manage page and clicking the pasture option. If it's not available, it's probably because it's the wrong time of year (see above) or the horse is leased or in foal.

Impacts of Pasture
Common Impacts
The benefits of pasture vary based on the age and/or status of the horse. You can read more about this in each section below. There are also a couple ways all horses are impacted by pasture.

First, all horses that are 2 or older will remain at 60% condition while in pasture. Note: While your horse won't be losing condition while in the pasture, when coming back from pasture the horse will not be at 60% condition. It will still loose the normal amount of condition from not being fed or trained in the January rollover.

Additionally, coat condition will deteriorate faster for all horses on pasture.
Yearling Benefits
Yearlings on pasture receive bonuses to:
• Peak
• Maturity
• Morale
Horses in Training Benefits
Horses in training (racers) on pasture receive bonuses to:
• Maturity
• Morale
• Peak
• Prime (chance - not guaranteed)
• Soundness
• Longevity

Since prime does not go up every month, sending a horse to pasture earlier in the year will give them better odds of improving their prime. Additionally, horses 4 years and older will receive training bonuses if they were on pasture the previous year. These bonuses stack based upon the total months spent on pasture. The bonus will help them catch up in training faster by gaining more stats in each training session.
Retired Horse Benefits
Stallions and retired gelding receive no bonuses for being on pasture. Although you can put stallions or retired geldings on pasture, there is no real reason to do so.

The primary benefit of putting a broodmare on pasture is that it has a chance to improve her Fertility. Fertility does not go up every month either, so just like prime, it may be more beneficial to send a broodmare to the pasture early in the year. However, mares who were pastured the previous year will have reduced Pregnancy Risk as well as lower chances of miscarriages and stillborns. These improvements stack based on the total months spent on pasture.

Another perk of putting broodmares on pasture is that you will earn Golden Apples each month based on their birth potential, as listed below. Please note that mares who are out of foal slots will not earn Golden Apples.

50+ potential: 5 apples
40-49 potential: 4 apples
30-39 potential: 3 apples
20-29 potential: 2 apples
Less than 20 potential: 1 apple

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Making Magic
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Yesterday at 5:56 pm
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Issa (#1)
04/28/21 11:18 am
Buddy Workouts no longer increase Experience, except when using a buddy with an Experience-boosting trait.
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04/28/21 10:35 am
Join me this morning for Coffee with a Mod on Discord! I'm here to answer questions or chat about whatever comes to mind.
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04/24/21 2:02 pm
Like custom GBs, Import and SS stallions may now stand at stud regardless of points.
Issa (#1)
04/20/21 2:17 pm
All feeds (excluding Steady) are once again priced equally. Defend can now take Risk down to zero.
Briana (#3)
04/14/21 5:52 pm
The daily earnings limit for Springo has been changed to $100,000.
Issa (#1)
04/05/21 9:08 pm
Y44 Yearling Sales are open for consignments.
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04/01/21 2:18 pm
A lonely lady did not find a home after the SS. She has been placed into a quick auction which will end before the end of this meet.
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03/31/21 2:26 pm
Help us name an item!
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03/20/21 6:29 pm
Ahem... Now the Select Sale is properly open for bids!
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03/16/21 1:36 pm
Mosaic is now in the Custom Previewer and might also be making an appearance on some of the Select Sale horses starting to sneak into my barns.
Issa (#1)
03/15/21 4:26 pm
Horses now have a chance to gain Courage in races. The chance is based on age, with 2 year olds having the highest chance followed by 3 year olds and then older horses.
Issa (#1)
03/14/21 4:30 pm
A bug has been fixed which was causing a substantial number of horses under age 10 to completely bypass the impacts of Travel on Rest, Energy, and PR. All horses will now be affected by Travel as intended.
Issa (#1)
03/13/21 1:05 pm
The first training of the month for 2 year olds no longer consumes Energy if it is Interval or Gate Training.
Issa (#1)
03/08/21 9:26 pm
If your horse fancies making a splash, they might like the new options in Spilled Paint!
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03/08/21 1:01 pm
A little bird told me a new Badger is on the loose...
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03/08/21 12:42 pm
Help us Name That Face!
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03/07/21 2:11 pm
The impacts of Gleam and Grooming on Coat Condition have been reduced.
Issa (#1)
03/07/21 10:11 am
March B color shows did not run with rollover and will be manually ran Monday.
Issa (#1)
03/06/21 4:49 pm
First Buddy Workouts now increase surface and distance in addition to style proficiency.
Issa (#1)
03/06/21 12:14 pm
Happyball and Slurpit have been removed from inventories. Refunds have been issued to all players who had them.
Issa (#1)
03/05/21 2:29 pm
There's a new contest in #dream_horses on Discord. Rules are pinned in that channel.
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03/05/21 2:28 pm
Color Shows are now open for entries!
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03/04/21 7:19 pm
Have questions? Need help? Head over to Discord and participate in Ask A Mod!
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03/03/21 12:55 pm
Color Shows will now run each meet.
Issa (#1)
03/01/21 11:54 am
The Breeding Center is temporarily unavailable.
Briana (#3)
02/24/21 8:15 pm
The Pacific region will once again host its own set of the various series races this year.
Issa (#1)
02/23/21 8:56 pm
Prime now shows specific values in the Forever Pro Traits panel.
Issa (#1)
02/22/21 4:30 pm
Beginning in Y45 solid bred Paint Horses will be ineligible for series races.
Issa (#1)
02/21/21 10:01 am
Surface proficiency has been impacted by a bug again. You may fix it as directed in the red boxes at the top of horse pages.
Briana (#3)
02/19/21 8:18 pm
Prep races for CC and TT will be occurring in February!
Issa (#1)
02/18/21 7:01 pm
Surface drops will be back in place for this month's rollover. If you notice any surface proficiency issues after the site reopens, please immediately notify a moderator and refrain from training horses.
Issa (#1)
02/17/21 10:51 am
I will be hosting Ask A Mod in Discord for the next couple of hours. Drop by if you have questions!
Issa (#1)
02/17/21 10:46 am
If you edited stud fees in the last 12 hours your fees may have accidentally been set as PC. Please double check and update your fees if you experienced this problem.
Briana (#3)
02/13/21 12:06 pm
Rollover will be changed to Sunday, February 21st.
Issa (#1)
02/11/21 10:36 am
Rollover has been extended to Wednesday.
Issa (#1)
02/10/21 8:17 pm
SIP testing will no longer be available until July.
Issa (#1)
02/07/21 4:18 pm
The Events page has been updated with series race distances for Y44. Please refer to it when preparing your horses.
Briana (#3)
02/06/21 7:37 pm
Experience will be resetting in January due to several bugs allowing horses to gain too much throughout the year.
Issa (#1)
02/06/21 5:58 pm
Buddy workouts will be unavailable after rollover.
Issa (#1)
02/02/21 3:45 pm
We have fixed a bug which was causing some QH/PH/STB to gain Rest in races rather than losing. This will not impact any horse's current Rest levels, but you may see different Rest fluctuation in future months for the horses involved.
Issa (#1)
01/29/21 12:42 am
The Training Help pop-out guide has a fresh coat of paint!
Issa (#1)
01/28/21 1:17 pm
Horses of any age may now gain random stats from Maintenance training.
Issa (#1)
01/27/21 3:29 pm
Buddy Workouts no longer add Risk to horses with low Energy.
Issa (#1)
01/25/21 10:16 pm
Have a moment to spare? If you have any experience with our buddy workout feature we'd love to see you participate in a quick survey here.
Issa (#1)
01/23/21 8:54 pm
Buddy Workouts will be unavailable in November and December to any horse that performed a buddy workout in September, October, or November. Fear not - BWs from any of those months still count for WCF and ISHC!
Issa (#1)
01/21/21 12:59 pm
The cost of Hype has been updated to match Focus. It also now always increases Risk and has a more significant impact on Risk when fed to 2 year olds.
Issa (#1)
01/16/21 11:06 am
You may now add colts of any age to your favorite studs list.
Issa (#1)
01/09/21 1:24 pm
Hype no longer reduces Rest.
Issa (#1)
01/08/21 8:29 pm
Bonuses/penalties for early/late entry have been removed. You may now enter on whatever day suits your schedule without suffering consequences!