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Evaluating Surface & Distance
Once you have purchased Aptitude Genes for your horse, you will be able to see distance and surface genes on the horse's main page, Exercise page, and Genetics page. Aptitude Genes will give you key information to determine what surface and distance to train and race your horse on.

The types of runners and the distance related terms you will see other player's using in the game are - Router, Miler, and Sprinter. It is also possible to have a Versatile runner who does not have a range preference and can run at any distance. To guage distance, you'll want to look at the Speed & Stamina genes which will range from Poor-Outstanding. Good is typically middle range ie Miler, whereas Excellent/Outstanding means that the horse leans towards Sprint distances (E/O Speed gene), or Router distances (E/O Stamina gene).

Surfaces are either Dirt or Turf (STB: Dirt/Trot & Turf/Pace). Your horse will show one of three terms under these genes - Recessive, Moderate or Strong. It is entirely possible to show any possible mix of these indicators - a horse could be strong on one surface, on both or even not strong on either!

To sum up these genes - If I have a horse who has a Good Speed gene, an Excellent Stamina gene, a Recessive Dirt gene and a Strong Turf gene; this means my horse will prefer and be easily trained at Router distances on a Turf surface which in turn allows them to perform better in races.
Traits Expert
The traits expert will unlock the stars you see on most horses pages. These colored stars (or also numbers if you have purchased hidden stats) will tell you some information about your horse's stats in Acceleration, Breaking, Early Speed, Late Speed, Versatility, and Rating. Each stat will show either a grey or a blue star. Grey stars indicate that a stat is not yet maxed - meaning it has room to improve. Blue stars indicate that a stat is fully maxed - meaning it (currently) cannot improve. These stars can help you decide what types of training will most benefit your horse and, in some cases, what running style they may prefer.

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
03/26/20 2:59 pm
Peer Comparisons have been adjusted slightly. Recheck your horses if you'd like to get a better idea of what grade they might be competitive in.
Issa (#1)
03/26/20 2:59 pm
Entry requirements for points in Goldblood races have been tentatively reduced to 3.
Issa (#1)
03/26/20 2:58 pm
2 year olds and some other Stock/Standardbred Imports/SS that had incorrect favorite distances have been fixed.
Issa (#1)
03/24/20 10:51 am
Sparks of Joy have been reopened! Please follow the guidelines. <3
Issa (#1)
03/19/20 12:35 pm
Stables may enter up to 3 horses in any non-AQ/series race.
Issa (#1)
03/19/20 12:08 pm
Marathon and steeplechase races now award 4 Golden Apples per allowance start and 2 Golden Apples per G3-G2 start.
Issa (#1)
03/19/20 10:59 am
Entry requirements to award points in stock races have been reduced to 3.
Issa (#1)
03/18/20 6:34 pm
6 game month Pro upgrades are currently FREE.
Issa (#1)
03/04/20 11:52 am
Breeding Passes will no longer be able to be bought and sold through user shops starting approximately at the beginning of February. There will be some other new options coming for them, so please make buying/selling decisions accordingly before then!
Issa (#1)
03/01/20 8:11 pm
Races will now only award points if there are at least 5 entries in the race. The exceptions to this rule are Standardbred, 2yo ONLY, and 3yo ONLY races, which must each have a minimum of 3 entries to award points. Races that do not 'fill' will still award 1 point to the winner.
Issa (#1)
03/01/20 3:25 pm
Suggested stud fees for Silver, Gold, and Platinum SIP stallions have been adjusted. Please double check your stallions' suggested fees and update their listings as desired.
Issa (#1)
02/29/20 4:38 pm
When performing Maintenance training, 2 and 3 year olds may occasionally improve a random (unmaxed) stat.
Issa (#1)
02/29/20 4:37 pm
Horses performing buddy workouts now have a higher chance of improving their (unmaxed) stats.
Issa (#1)
02/29/20 4:35 pm
When horses are sold or leased, all of their tack will be automatically removed and they will also be set to non claiming racing preference.
Flash (#2)
02/22/20 6:39 pm
You can now purchase Trader Tickets from the Exchange link on the right sidebar. Business Skill 6 gives you the ability to buy TT with FFH Cash.
Issa (#1)
02/22/20 5:00 pm
Retired mares can now be purchased from the Horse Trader and Imports.
Issa (#1)
02/21/20 3:32 pm
Excited about WCFs? See if you can predict the winners! Check out this post.
Issa (#1)
02/18/20 1:23 pm
I'll be around Ask Issa in Discord this afternoon if you'd like to stop by and ask anything! :)
Issa (#1)
02/15/20 7:46 pm
The lovely new Sweet and Sassy Love Blooms tack colors are now craftable in the Workshop!
Issa (#1)
02/15/20 12:46 pm
Pedigree Purifiers are now craftable in the Workshop!