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Feeding Basics
In order for your horses to succeed you must feed them once every FFH month. To find a list of regular feeds and supplements, head over to the Feed Mill. It is highly recommended that you take some time to read through each feed's description - but to start off Steady is the cheapest and simplest grain to begin feeding with; this will also be the feed that many horses eat most frequently throughout their life.

To feed, head to your horse's Care page - there you will find a drop down menu in which you can select what grain you wish to feed your horse. Please note that your horse can be fed only once per month. Feeding any type of grain (not supplements) will slightly boost a horse’s Morale and Condition, while missing a feeding will cause a decrease in Condition, Morale, and Energy.. Horses who are not fed or trained in a given month gain Risk and do not gain Maturity.
Types of Feed
Steady A basic feed formulated to suit any horse. This is the basic "stock" feed and does not cause any extra advantages or disadvantages to occur at the time of feeding. Can be fed once per month.
Hype Hype will increase Energy, but will increase Risk. It will also slightly decrease a horse’s Experience. Hype also has a more severe impact on risk when fed to 2yos . Can be fed once per month.
Eternity Eternity will increase Longevity, but may decrease Morale. A recommended feed for horses that are in need of extra racing points to achieve the likes of Performance Merit, etc if they are able. Can be fed a maximum of 3 times during a horse’s lifetime.
Defend Defend will decrease Risk (down to 0%), but may decrease Energy. Can be fed once per month.
Bloom Bloom will increase Maturity, but may increase Risk. It is helpful when trying to help younger horses reach racing and training safe maturity levels faster. Can be fed once per month.
Focus Focus will increase Morale, but will decrease Experience. A recommended feed for yearlings as yearlings must have a certain amount of morale to be sold in the Yearling Auction, among other reasons. Can be fed once per month.
Gleam Gleam will increase Coat Condition and Rest, but will decrease Energy and Experience. A recommended feed for all Color Show horses to allow them to potentially receive higher scores in shows. Can be fed once a month.
Tone Tone will increase Condition, but will decrease Rest. A recommended feed for older bloodstock or racers coming back from neglect. Can be fed once a month.
Supplements are additional feeds which can be fed in tandem with the grains listed above. Supplements can be obtained in one of three ways - through the feed mill (with PC), as a prize from FFH (Rusty, Raffles, Farm Plots, Seasonal Events, etc), or by purchasing from another player.

Supplements are often used to give horses a boost which can benefit them in racing and breeding. However, unlike the regular grains, supplements are not crucial to a horse’s success. As long as a horse has been fed a regular grain, they will count as fed for the month. Some supplements can be fed once per meet while others have a lifetime limit.
Types of Supplements
Prodigy Prodigy will improve your horses' bloodline compatibility to "average." It works for one year on studs, and a lifetime for mares. To work properly, stallions can receive it at any point during the breeding season and mares must receive it prior to covering.
Legacy Legacy will increase the foal limits of your breeding horses. Broodmares will gain a single foal slot while studs will always gain 3 more slots. Legacy may only be fed once and may increase a mare's chance of throwing negative anomalies. It does not work on horses 20 years old or older.
Vigor Vigor will improve your horse's Fertility. It can be used on stallions to increase their monthly covering limit - it is effective for one year for studs. It will also guarantee that mares bred to that stallion that year become pregnant and do not miscarry.

Conversely, it can be used on a mare to raise her Fertility level - including raising it from barren. It will guarantee that she becomes pregnant and doesn't miscarry. It has a lifetime effect on mares, but will not prevent a mare from becoming barren again. It does not protect against stillborns. Must be fed prior to covering for mares and stallions.
Dirt Strong Dirt Strong will improve a horse's Dirt percentage by up to 15% per feeding. Can be fed once per meet.
Turf Star Turf Star will improve their Turf percentage by up to 15% per feeding. Can be fed once per meet.
Get Fit Get Fit will raise your horse's condition when fed. It can add up to 15% condition per feeding. Can be fed once per meet.
Insure Insure will decrease Risk in mares' pregnancies each month it is fed by up to 10%. Can be fed once per meet.
Alfalfa Cubes Alfalfa Cubes will raise Energy, Condition, and Maturity. Can be fed once per meet.
Mineral Blocks Mineral Blocks will add Longevity, improve Soundness and reduce Risk. Can be fed a maximum of 3 times during a horse’s lifetime. Can be fed once per meet.