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Athleticism Gene
Athleticism works hand in hand with Energy and Condition. It determines how much Energy horses use in training and buddy workouts as well as how quickly they regenerate Energy and lose Condition at rollovers. Horses with Strong Athleticism can race more often (monthly), while horses with Low Athleticism may only be able to race every other month.
How to Evaluate Athleticism
Athleticism is a Supplementary Gene that can only be viewed with Forever Pro, however, you can estimate a horse's Athleticism by keeping track of how much Energy they use when training. Athleticism for those who have purchased the Supplementary Gene is viewable in the horse’s genetics and on their exercise page.

To learn more about determining your horse's Athleticism without an account upgrade, refer to the Energy consumption chart in the Training Guide. After doing a few trainings and noting how much Energy was lost, you should be able to pinpoint your horse's Athleticism.
How to Improve Athleticism
The Athleticism gene is broken down into 3 levels: Strong, Moderate and Low. Low is the most undesirable level as it causes a horse to lose large amounts of Energy in training.

Horses are guaranteed to improve from Low to Moderate Athleticism by:
• Using Blazing Horseshoes
• Transitioning to Driving, Steeplechase, or Contesting
• Gelding (if a colt)

Horses have a chance to improve from Low to Moderate Athleticism by:
• Doing long gallops
• Transitioning a horse to Marathon

The only way to move a horse from Moderate to Strong Athleticism is to give them Golden Horseshoes, which can be crafted in the Smelter (Workshop).
Managing Condition
Managing Condition is very important to your horse's success in both racing and breeding. Condition is a trait which is always in flux. All horses lose Condition at each month's rollover. The rate at which horses lose Condition is based on their Athleticism gene. Racing horses over the age of 7 and bloodstock over the age of 15 will have a more difficult time maintaining Condition.

Horses with higher Risk will also may have a slightly harder time maintaining Condition.

Though Condition is continuously declining, it is not difficult to maintain Condition levels over 80% for most horses. You can improve Condition through most types of exercise, as well as buddy workouts. (See the Training Help pop-out on the Exercise page to learn more about different training types.) Condition also improves each time a horse races, so keeping your horses entered regularly is key to easy maintenance. Feeding your horse will also positively impact Condition, though not as much as training or racing.
Impacts in Racing
Condition is considered a minor factor in calculating a horse's Performance Rating, but it is still very important in racing horses. Horses racing with lower Condition will still race slightly worse but, more importantly, they will also be at higher risk of injury. 50% or higher Condition is considered reasonably safe to enter, but it is a good idea to keep it at 90% or higher.

In addition to its impacts on PRs and injuries, Condition determines how much Energy horses lose when racing. An unfit horse will become much more exhausted after their race and will face a longer recovery period before they can race again. The same guidelines for Condition listed above will ensure your horses bounce back from each race as quickly as possible.
Impacts in Breeding
Condition is important to manage in both broodmares and stallions. Condition is critical for mares in foal, as it is the largest determining factor of Pregnancy Risk. Mares with low Condition will gain Pregnancy Risk at each rollover and are at risk of going barren and losing the foal. Mares who are not in foal are also at high risk of going barren if their Condition drops too low.

However, high Condition can help mares regain or improve their fertility. High condition also reduces Pregnancy Risk at each rollover. It is a good idea to keep all mares above 70% Condition, though as with racing horses, 90% is more ideal.

Condition must also be carefully managed for stallions. Low Condition at the time of covering can contribute to causing negative anomalies in foals. If you want to avoid risk of negative anomalies, you should follow the same percentage guidelines listed above.
Managing Energy
Like Condition, Energy is incredibly important in successfully managing your racing and breeding horses. Energy increases at the end of each month’s rollover depending upon each horse's Athleticism gene. Energy is not related to a horse's Rest gene. Horses will gain anywhere from 20% to 60% of their Energy back each month. This means it can take anywhere from 4 to 10 months for a horse to go from 0% to 100% Energy - if no actions are taken that reduce Energy in the meantime.

Energy is lost when horses exercise or race. There are some training options that do not reduce Energy for the first training of the month, so it is possible to train and still maintain 100% Energy. (See the Training Help pop-out on the Exercise page for more information.) The amount of Energy horses lose in races is determined by their Condition at the time of entering.

It is important to note that Energy does not impact Rest, and Rest does not impact Energy gains (or losses).
Impacts in Racing
Energy is extremely important in racing. A horse will run their best Performance Ratings when they have 100% Energy, but they will still run competitively with energy levels of at least 70%. Energy over 30% is generally regarded as safe though not recommended as horses with low Energy may perform quite terribly, but Energy of at least 70% is the safest bet for your horse to run relatively well.
However, 70/80/90% Energy will influence PR differently, so it is still best, in terms of PR, to enter your horse with the highest Energy possible.
For this reason, you should avoid entering multiple races per meet (or month) until you know what kind of racing schedule your horse can handle.

In addition, low Energy is one of the most frequent causes of injury in races. This most often happens when a horse is entered in multiple races in a meet and quickly burns through their Energy to the point of breaking down. Following the guidelines above will minimize your horse's chances of being injured due to Energy. Entering at 100% Energy is the best plan for optimal performance but entering at 70% will allow your horse to run safely. As energy dips below 70%, the risk of injury increases exponentially. Running a race with 30% energy or less carries a great risk of injury.
Impacts in Breeding
Energy levels impact both broodmares and stallions. Low Energy contributes to Pregnancy Risk for mares in foal. To minimize the chances of increasing risk, mares should maintain as close to 100% Energy as possible. Pregnancy Risk can decrease if a mare maintains high Energy levels along with high Condition.

Energy may be considered less important for stallions, but it is still something you should keep an eye on. The number of mares a stallion can cover per month is determined by his Energy as well as Athleticism. Stallions with higher Athleticism will be able to cover more mares (perhaps 4 or 5), while stallions with low Athleticism may sometimes only be able to cover one mare, as Athleticism determines how much Energy they will use.
Special Feeds & Items
None of the feeds or items listed below are necessary for caring for and managing horses under normal circumstances. However, sometimes you may find that you encounter a situation where a horse needs help with Energy and/or Condition. Some reasons a horse might need a little help is if they are older, have recently been neglected, or need to squeeze in some extra training in preparation before a special race.
Hype Hype is a standard, easily affordable, type of feed sold in the Feed Mill. Feeding it will increase a horse's Energy. While it is readily available, it should be fed with caution. It will always increase a horse's Risk - significantly so with 2 year olds. It will also slightly decrease a horse’s Experience.
Alfalfa Cubes Alfalfa Cubes are a supplement that you can earn in Rumpled Packages given out by the Rusty Recycler. It will increase Energy by up to 30%. In addition, Alfalfa Cubes will increase Condition and Maturity.
Get Fit Get Fit is a supplement that can be purchased from the Feed Mill. Feeding it to a horse will improve their Condition by 10%–15%.
Blazing Horseshoes Blazing Horseshoes can be crafted in the Workshop after you collect enough horseshoes and firecrackers. These can be used from your Inventory and will instantly increase a horse's Energy by 70% and will also increase a horse's Condition. In addition, if a horse has Low Athleticism, they will raise permanently it to Moderate.
Frozen Horseshoes Frozen Horseshoes can be crafted in the Workshop after you collect enough horseshoes and icicles. These can be used from your Inventory and will instantly raise your horse's Condition to 70%. In addition, they will prevent a horse's Condition from ever dropping below 70% again. These are especially useful for older racing or breeding horses.
Golden Horseshoes Golden Horseshoes can be crafted in the Smelter after you donate enough Gold Nuggets. These can be used from your Inventory and will instantly increase a horse's Energy to 100% and will also increase a horse's Condition. In addition, it will always raise a horse’s Athleticism to the next level, if applicable.
Sugar Cubes Sugar Cubes can be crafted in the Workshop after collecting enough of the Sweets & Treats items. Once crafted, you can use it from your Inventory. They will prevent the horse from losing Energy and Rest in their next 3 races. This effect persists even when racing outside of home region. Sugar Cubes do not prevent Energy loss from training.
Bundle of TLC A Bundle of TLC can be crafted in the Workshop using a variety of collectible items. It will improve a horse's rested gains (or decrease their losses) for a period of 6 months. Among other benefits, it will increase Energy and Condition.
Bucket of Love A Bucket of Love can be crafted in the Workshop using Valentine's Candy collectibles. This will instantly set a mare's Pregnancy Risk to 0% and will ensure she retains 0% Pregnancy Risk throughout all future pregnancies. It will also prevent her from ever going barren. While this does not directly improve Condition or Energy, it can be very useful for older mares who are struggling to maintain high enough Condition and/or Energy to reduce Pregnancy Risk.

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
07/12/24 10:55 pm
Yearling Auctions are open for consignments. Consignments will close no sooner than Thursday after the September A rollover.
Issa (#1)
07/09/24 11:41 am
A bug which was allowing horses to eat supplements more than once per month has been fixed.
Issa (#1)
06/28/24 11:22 am
July's Board Game Arena tournaments are open for registration! Links are posted in Discord.
Issa (#1)
06/12/24 10:54 am
The Appaloosa yearling raffle will be held sometime Friday afternoon or evening. Tickets are available to purchase through 2:00pm Friday. For more information, see the recent news post.
Issa (#1)
06/05/24 9:22 am
Reminder: Tickets for the broodmare raffle must be purchased by tomorrow at approximately 1:30-2:00pm. If you need a last minute ticket tomorrow, contact me to be sure it gets in. (If I'm not around I'll still see your message before finalizing horses for the raffle.) For more info, see the recent news post about the raffles.
Issa (#1)
06/04/24 5:29 pm
The limit on Horse Trader Appaloosa broodmares has been (temporarily) increased to 20.
Issa (#1)
06/01/24 1:20 pm
Reminder: Today is the last day for the GAO dispersal!
Issa (#1)
05/29/24 12:59 pm
June Board Game Arena tournaments are open for registration! Links can be found in Discord. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Issa (#1)
05/28/24 1:06 pm
Radiant Truffles are no longer limited by a horse's race starts or remaining Prime.
Issa (#1)
05/20/24 7:28 pm
A Breeding Workshop is beginning now in Discord! Head over to ask any and all questions related to breeding and matching.
Issa (#1)
05/19/24 9:54 pm
Springo now gives rewards for up to 20 games per day in January and February.
Issa (#1)
05/19/24 8:09 pm
February will again be 2 weeks with rollover running on Sunday, June 2nd.
Issa (#1)
05/19/24 10:38 am
Racing dispersal is available at the Golden Apple Orchard through the end of February.
Issa (#1)
05/13/24 1:18 pm
Beginning with the Y57 Year End Awards, contesting horses must have 15 races within their division to qualify for awards.
Issa (#1)
05/11/24 2:43 pm
Contesting horses who would have earned points in a race no longer drop below earning 1 point in their race. This means horses who would typically earn 1-2 points in a race earn 1, while horses who would have earned 3 or more points still earn 2 points less than normal.
Issa (#1)
05/10/24 9:02 pm
Gelding now offers a higher compensation for retired stallions. However, gelding compensation is decreased for any horse that is already graded before gelding. Details can be found on the Gelding page.
Issa (#1)
05/10/24 1:08 pm
Genotype Search now includes an option to search for horses who have earned a Minor, Major, or Master from a transition discipline.
Issa (#1)
05/08/24 1:39 pm
Experience decline when feeding Focus, Hype, and Gleam has been reduced.
Issa (#1)
05/07/24 1:24 pm
All Paint marking genes are now weighted by breed. Paint Horses have a higher chance of passing Paint markings to their foals, while all other breeds have a lower chance of passing Paint markings to their foals. This makes the classification of Paint markings Common for Paint Horses and Rare for all other breeds.
Issa (#1)
05/05/24 5:21 pm
Prime has been broken and has not been declining at all for several game years. As a result, most horses have substantially more Prime than should be appropriate. (Ex: A 6yo who hit 100% Peak by the time they turned 4 should have lost 24+ Prime but has actually lost none.) Rather than setting all horses to what they should have, horses 5 and older will temporarily lose Prime twice as fast to accommodate.
Issa (#1)
05/04/24 4:51 pm
Sunkissed Tarts may only be used on horses 3 years or older.
Issa (#1)
05/03/24 2:14 pm
Penalties for neglecting care of horses have been reduced.
Issa (#1)
04/26/24 6:19 pm
Reminder: The Pro Shop Sale ends Sunday!
Issa (#1)
04/26/24 6:19 pm
Reminder: The Pro Shop Sale ends Sunday!
Issa (#1)
04/26/24 11:53 am
May Board Game Arena tournaments are now open for registration through Discord. Tournaments begin May 1st.
Issa (#1)
04/16/24 1:14 pm
Forever Pro Traits are now publicly visible on horses whose owners have Forever Pro. This should be helpful when troubleshooting race performance.
Issa (#1)
04/07/24 8:40 pm
A racing workshop is starting now in Discord!
Issa (#1)
03/31/24 10:47 am
The Y56 Yearling Sales are now open for consignment. Yearlings may be consigned through the beginning of September when the auctions open for bidding.
Issa (#1)
03/22/24 2:21 pm
Alfalfa Cubes will no longer raise Maturity of 2yos who are already at least 60% or 3yos who are already at least 80% mature.
Issa (#1)
03/22/24 12:41 pm
Bundle of TLC can no longer be used on horses under age 3. Alfalfa Cubes can no longer be fed to yearlings.
Issa (#1)
03/22/24 11:28 am
The amount of Risk gained when feeding Hype now varies based upon a horse's current Energy. Horses with higher Energy gain less Risk.
Issa (#1)
03/02/24 9:11 pm
Spring season Board Game Arena tournaments begin March 5th! Visit #🎲board-game-arena in Discord for more information.
Issa (#1)
02/24/24 10:46 am
Reminder: It's the last day for open dispersal at the GAO!
Issa (#1)
02/15/24 5:42 pm
All horses need to be retested for Genetic Merit. There are no changes to the award, but some horses lost their GM/GD and retesting ensures they all have the awards they should.
Issa (#1)
02/11/24 2:05 pm
February will be 2 weeks, with rollover happening on Sunday, February 25h.
Issa (#1)
02/10/24 5:07 pm
Although Appendix stock horses cannot enter flat series races, they are eligible for contesting series races.
Issa (#1)
02/10/24 1:38 pm
Sparks of Joy, Grooming jobs and Sanctum of Gold all now award player experience.
Issa (#1)
02/10/24 12:54 pm
A new Yearling Quick View has been added. It shows Morale, Maturity, Risk and indicates if a horse has Genetic Ratings purchased (as required for YA). Additionally, yearlings now show Forever Pro Traits in their Trait & Stat Panel so that you can more easily manage Risk.
Issa (#1)
02/07/24 10:56 am
Stallions with tested Above Average or Legendary Producer Quality can no longer grade F. If you have one who is currently F, his grade will adjust if inspected again.
Issa (#1)
02/06/24 8:20 pm
Would like to earn a free Appaloosa stallion? Complete this form to claim your tickets for the upcoming raffle! Tickets must be claimed by Sunday, February 11th at 11:00am.
Issa (#1)
02/06/24 11:41 am
If you used a Cupid's Arrow for Y56 foals and all of your mares do not show the green 'Guaranteed' + icon in Mare Services, please contact me on FFH or Discord so that your mares can be fixed before they foal.
Issa (#1)
01/28/24 10:25 pm
Reminder: The January Pro Shop sale ends at the end of the month. Prices of several items and upgrades will be adjusted at the beginning of February, as explained in this news post.
Issa (#1)
01/28/24 10:23 pm
Horse care has been enabled again. You can resume feeding and training horses.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 6:32 pm
Horses who have used either Family Jewels or Mythos Scepter now show a magic wand icon under Producer Quality (even if not visible) to indicate that their PQ is not what they were naturally born with.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 6:31 pm
Mythos Scepter has been revamped and is now an item you can use to change either Colt or Filly PQ of retired horses. More information can be found in the item's description and notes.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 1:07 pm
The Appaloosa raffle will be held at 9:00pm tonight. You do not need to be present to win. Since the raffle is happening pretty late, ticket sales will remain open through 6:00pm.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 1:06 pm
Mare grade inspections have reopened. There is a now a fee for grade testing mares, as listed on the inspection page. Mares do not need to be tested to be eligible to breed. The only other adjustment to mare grading is the removal of surface from the grading formula.
Issa (#1)
01/23/24 11:26 am
Don't forget it's the last week to purchase yearling partnerships for Y55!
Issa (#1)
01/22/24 11:52 am
Open dispersal of racers and broodmares at the Golden Apple Orchard will close at the end of February Y56.
Issa (#1)
01/19/24 11:49 am
Ultra Wraps are now marked with a blue checkmark in Racing Quick View to easily find horses who are wearing them.
Issa (#1)
01/06/24 7:12 pm
Tournaround Medallion may be used on any breed to improve their transition genes. Additionally, it now improves a horse's Endurance/Lead Change gene by one level. Before you rush out and buy some - note that it will be part of the upcoming January Pro Shop specials!
Issa (#1)
01/04/24 5:56 pm
Stallion Grade Testing has been reopened. Surface has been removed from the grade formula since it no longer impacts foal Potential.
Issa (#1)
01/03/24 6:21 pm
Dance of the Dunes will have a new open division for all races this year, in addition to the usual colt/gelding and filly divisions.
Issa (#1)
12/30/23 3:19 pm
Kickstarter is now available in the Golden Apple Orchard.
Issa (#1)
12/27/23 4:58 pm
Initiate's Quest is no longer open to Amateur players and is now limited to only Green and Novice.
Issa (#1)
12/23/23 12:56 pm
100yd races for 4yo+ have been added to the Midsummer Revelry series.
Issa (#1)
12/18/23 4:08 pm
The bug with miscarriages having a blank complication note on mare Breeding Info pages has been fixed. Additionally, complicates are now sorted with the most recent at top, much like progeny lists, BWs, and race history.
Issa (#1)
12/17/23 9:27 am
Grade testing is closed until further notice.
Issa (#1)
12/02/23 10:25 am
Today's the last day to participate in the Pro Shop Sale! (Possibly early tomorrow morning if you're in a different time zone.) Please also make sure you've voted in the polls for Colby's Crew and Old Friends. Colby's Crew has significantly less votes than Old Friends, so looks like some of you might have missed it in the news.
Issa (#1)
12/01/23 11:49 am
The Year's End Calendar starts today! Don't forget to stop by the Vale of Runes to open the door each day in December.
Issa (#1)
11/24/23 3:31 pm
Great news! We are able to sponsor a horse at Old Friends. Please vote in this poll to pick a horse.
Issa (#1)
11/15/23 3:11 pm
If you won an Appy stallion in the raffle and do not have Stat Gene, Heritage, Peak/Prime stablewide upgrades, please PM or DM me a link to the stallion.
Issa (#1)
11/14/23 6:19 pm
Answers to the Upgrade Raffle Challenge can be found here. Again, I'd highly recommend reading this even if you didn't participate as these questions address some incredibly important keys to racing success.
Issa (#1)
11/14/23 10:40 am
Upgrade raffles will be running tonight at 5:00pm! You don't need to be present, but are welcome to hang out in Discord to celebrate with the winners.
Issa (#1)
11/11/23 4:54 pm
Deadline for the upgrade raffles has been extended to Monday at 6:00pm. There's not many entries yet so be sure to get yours in!
Issa (#1)
11/11/23 4:41 pm
Gene Reducers may now only be used on bred horses, not Horse Trader, Import, or Select Sale horses.
Issa (#1)
11/11/23 12:11 pm
Answers to the Stallion Raffle Challenge, as well as the most relevant Handbook links, can be found here. Highly recommend everyone check this out, even if you didn't participate, because this covers a lot of the most important information for successful breeding!
Issa (#1)
11/10/23 4:56 pm
An additional rule has been added for raffle stallions - they may not be Cloaked.
Issa (#1)
11/07/23 8:24 pm
Stallion raffle tickets must be claimed by Friday at 5:00pm. The raffle will be held Friday evening.
Issa (#1)
11/07/23 11:13 am
Juuuuust kidding! (About the previous post...) I just added 1 additional Liver Chestnut and 1 additional Flaxen Liver Chestnut. Enjoy!
Issa (#1)
11/06/23 9:53 pm
We've added 7 new shades of Chestnut including 2 regular Chestnut, 2 Flaxen, 1 Liver, and 2 Flaxen Liver. All new shades can be viewed in the Horse Previewer.
Issa (#1)
11/05/23 5:09 pm
If you have an Appaloosa who is heterozygous or homozygous for Mottling, you may update their image to correctly show their mottling by reloading from their Image Gallery.
Issa (#1)
11/05/23 4:39 pm
The Appaloosa Select broodmare raffle will be held tomorrow, Monday, at 9:00pm FFH time. Tickets must be purchased by 7:00pm.
Issa (#1)
11/05/23 12:31 pm
February will be 2 weeks this year with races running on November 19th. This is not a permanent change, but one we feel is best in the circumstances of Y55.
Issa (#1)
11/04/23 12:36 pm
Midsummer Revelry now includes 500yd races for 3yo ONLY and 700yd races for 4yo+.
Issa (#1)
11/04/23 12:35 pm
Trials of Olympus now includes 7F races for 3yo ONLY.
Issa (#1)
11/03/23 10:24 am
The Appaloosa Select broodmare raffle is being postponed to either Sunday or Monday. Tickets may be purchased up through 1 hour before the time the raffle begins, which will be announced on Sunday.
Issa (#1)
11/01/23 1:42 pm
Question #22 in the Stallion Raffle Challenge has been updated for clarity.
Issa (#1)
11/01/23 10:49 am
Stallion Raffle Challenge update: If you are confused about what a question is asking for, you may contact me (DM or PM) for clarification before submitting.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 6:04 pm
2yo and 3yo stallion raffle eligibility has been updated due to an error in the script - a few more are eligible for tickets that weren't showing before. Additionally, you must have raced at least 20 2yo, 20 3yo, and 30 4yo+ to be eligible for the category.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 3:19 pm
Appaloosa broodmares are now available in the horse trader. Each player may purchase broodmares until they have 20+ total Appaloosa broodmares.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 2:12 pm
A new account setting has been added to show your barn names as buttons rather than text. A new option in barn naming allows you to designate a barn as the start of a new line.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 12:25 pm
Appaloosa color shows are now published for January.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 11:28 am
Surf and Turf has been added to the Golden Apple Orchard and is also now a possible reward when harvesting farm plots.
Issa (#1)
10/27/23 10:31 pm
The "|" dividing barn names has been removed to allow you more customization and improved aesthetics when organizing barns. Barn name character limit has been increased to 30 characters.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 3:59 pm
The Pampered grooming buff has been renamed to Radiant.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 3:57 pm
Grooming (the training action) has been renamed to Pamper to avoid confusion with Grooming Centers.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 3:56 pm
Beginning in February, players will be awarded 126 Grooming Center slots per month (increased from 84).
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 2:56 pm
Broodmare dispersal at the GAO is temporarily available again.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 12:49 pm
Surface Genes no longer impact a foal's birth stats. Distance Genes have a less significant impact on a foal's birth stats than they previously had.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 10:29 am
Mares must now have an updated grade test to submit breeding requests to outside stallions.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 9:35 pm
Training and feeding have reopened.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 4:45 pm
The Y55 Training Sales are now open for consignments! Bidding will begin October 29th.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 2:40 pm
Stock horses now maintain distance proficiency easier than other breeds.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 2:27 pm
Goldbloods now maintain Coat Condition easier than other breeds.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 9:00 pm
Contesting arenas can no longer have muddy weather. Contesting races held at series facilities will not be impacted by mud, even if the main track is muddy.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 6:52 pm
Horses no longer have a chance to reveal genotype upon retirement. However, the chance to reveal transition genes is increased for horses who have a Minor, Major, or Master. (With each award offering a greater chance.)
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 6:47 pm
Prices for imports have been adjusted. Colts now cost twice as much as fillies, varying upon a player's rank.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 6:27 pm
Preparedness is now available as a stablewide upgrade trait.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 4:55 pm
Time Turner and Prismatic Time Turner have been restored from retirement. They now change a mare's due date to January or the current month and Prismatic also resets a mare's color show cooldown.