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How & When to Geld
Horses gain the most improvements from gelding when they are young. If you buy Genetic Ratings for your yearlings and already know some need to be gelded, the best practice is to geld them by December of their yearling year. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting to geld a colt until he's 2 (or even older) if you're not ready to make that decision when he's a yearling.

Once you've decided to geld a colt, all you have to do is visit his Manage page and click the Geld button. Gelding is quick, instant, and earns money based on the genetic quality of the colt. Geldings on FFH can immediately resume training and racing.

If you have favorited (blue star icon) the horse you want to geld, you will be unable to geld it! You can unfavorite the horse at any time by clicking on the icon again.
Reasons to Geld
There are several reasons to geld a colt on FFH. Most commonly, geldings are simply colts who were not considered "Stud Potential" genetically or whose potential was not high enough to make earning points a very easy endeavor. Gelding is also done to maintain or increase the value of a pedigree.

If your horse is 2 years or older, you have the option to buy Trait Stars and/or Genetic Ratings. (Genetic Ratings are also available for yearlings.) If you've already purchased some stablewide upgrades, you may also have Hidden Stats, Stat Genes, Heritage, and other genes at your fingertips to help guide your decision.

With those things in mind, you'll want to evaluate whether or not your colt is stud quality. Generally speaking, you only want to keep colts intact who can earn 100+ racing points and who also possess desirable genetic qualities. This means they usually need to be approximately 30 potential or higher (this can be somewhat flexible).

Genes do depend a little on the breed - more established breeds such as Thoroughbreds and Goldbloods might be more 'strict' about the genes a horse should have while newer breeds as Standardbreds cannot be quite as picky. If you are not sure how good your colt's genes are, it can be wise to take a quick look at the studs that are currently standing.

Generally, a colt should not have any 'Poor' Performance genes and few 'Fair' Performance genes. In addition, you want to see several 'Excellent' or 'Outstanding' genes across Performance, Stat, and Heritage.

Other flaws that may influence your decision to geld include:
•Poor Producing Pedigree
•Intermediate Distance Genes
•Low Peak and/or Poor Prime Genes
•No Genetic Surface
•"Cloaked Line" Blood Type

More information on »Producer Quality« can be found on the dedicated page. If you suspect the colt is from a poor producing line, you'd benefit from gelding him and enjoying a long and successful racing career. Cloaked Line Blood Type is easily fixed with either a Runemaster's Tome or Mistweaver's Cloak.

Benefits of Gelding
Now that you know what to geld, you're probably still asking why you should geld. The simple answer is that there are numerous benefits to gelding which will result in your horse having a longer and more successful racing career, thus earning you more points and money!

Gelding your horse will have a chance to increase:
•Maximum Courage
•Maximum Consistency
•Athleticism (always increases if Low)

Gelding your horse will always increase:
•Peak (if not already 100%)

Geldings are also easier to train overall, maxing out their base stats, Courage, and Consistency more quickly. If a gelding is not yet saddle trained, they'll learn basic riding skills faster as well.

Appendix geldings are exempt from normal Appendix restrictions, meaning they may enter series races without meeting normal requirements.

You will also receive a monetary compensation any time you geld a horse, provided he is not Horse Trader bred, not pensioned, and, if retired, has at least 5 foal slots remaining, although their bonus will be reduced if they have less than 10 slots remaining. Gelding also rewards an additional $2,000,000 bonus to the base compensation for each Select Sale parent.

It is worth noting here that the (hidden) Geldability gene, as well as age, determines how much a colt's stats will benefit from gelding. Colts whose sires have been fed Valebloom will show an increased benefit from gelding as well. These two factors explain why some colts may see their potential increase by 30+ points while other colts may only see their potential increase by 2 points. If you have the 7th Skill Star, your colts also have a higher chance of gaining Stats when they are gelded.

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
09/26/22 7:27 pm
Registration is open for October's trick or treat BGA tournament! Join to win cool (or is it ghoul?) prizes! For more info or to sign up, check out the #🏆tournament-info channel.
Issa (#1)
09/20/22 3:39 pm
Purses for Initiate's Quest races have been increased to $6,000,000.
Issa (#1)
09/19/22 1:15 pm
The Events page has a small update to include reminders for a few key dates/events.
Issa (#1)
09/19/22 11:28 am
Looking to cut back on racers? Mark your calendars now! We'll be hosting a trial run of an Training Auction in February Y51. Consignments will be open in January and all racing horses who meet the requirements (which will be more relaxed than YA) will be eligible for consignment.
Issa (#1)
09/11/22 1:24 pm
Consignments for the Y50 Yearling Sale are open! The requirements page has been updated and includes a few changes to eligibility and fees.
Issa (#1)
09/05/22 2:15 pm
SIP testing is open again.
Issa (#1)
09/03/22 1:46 pm
Crafting requirements for Blossom Tea and Frozen Nectar have been updated.
Issa (#1)
08/30/22 11:53 am
Cake It Easy tournaments begin Thursday! Make sure you've signed up if you want to participate, received all the invites you needed, and have accepted all your invites.
Issa (#1)
08/28/22 1:28 pm
Training and feeding are reopen! You can now train and feed from a single Care page. All other options (selling, gelding, pasturing, etc.) can be found on the Manage page.
Issa (#1)
08/28/22 12:29 pm
Exercise and Care pages will be inaccessible for a little bit.
Issa (#1)
08/26/22 5:52 pm
Experience gain/loss has been rebalanced, which should make it easier for young horses and others that have been struggling to gain Experience.
Issa (#1)
08/26/22 5:29 pm
PR penalties for racing away from Favorite Distance have been significantly reduced.
Issa (#1)
08/25/22 1:53 pm
Registrations are open for September's Board Game Arena tournaments! No prior experience needed - sign up and join the fun! Details are posted in #🏆tournament-info on Discord.
Issa (#1)
08/18/22 6:02 pm
Frosting markings have been updated and now include a 3rd option. You may need to CTRL+F5 to see the updates.
Issa (#1)
08/16/22 1:09 pm
We've dropped in some backend efficiency improvements for the GB breed. This change has no impacts on gameplay and simply makes scripts run smoother. If you notice anything amiss, such as a GB breed icon not showing up somewhere, please post a bug.
Issa (#1)
08/15/22 3:06 pm
Breeding Info pages have received a little TLC. Stallions now show AFP, Grade, and SIP history at the top of the page. All horses show offspring series winners relevant to their breed.
Issa (#1)
08/14/22 10:40 pm
A bug has been corrected in PRs which may cause some horses to run a few points lower in future races. This decline will be most obvious in horses with high stats and style proficiency. Grade suggestions will be updated as needed after this fix settles in.
Issa (#1)
08/14/22 2:06 pm
You can now Hide Mare from a mare's Breeding Info page. This will hide (or unhide) her from your Mare Services page. This is helpful for mares you know you don't want to breed in the current year but also don't want to pasture or pension. Hidden mares will automatically be unhidden at the end of year.
Issa (#1)
08/11/22 2:40 pm
Stallions can now use multiple Victor's Blades so long as they don't exceed the maximum of 30 foal slots.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 6:45 pm
Condition and Energy now show on the Exercise page of retired horses.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 3:41 pm
A Quick View page is now available for retired geldings.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 3:05 pm
You may now rename custom jockeys from the Jockey page.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 2:19 pm
Hypomate buttons have been added to the 'Mares Due' lists in Mare Services.
Issa (#1)
08/09/22 2:11 pm
A Hypomate button has been added to pedigrees for all horses to quickly reference how their parents matched.
Issa (#1)
08/08/22 5:30 pm
The Breeding Pass Raffle seems to be in a generous mood!
Issa (#1)
08/08/22 2:04 pm
Risk can only contribute to chances for a major injury if it is high enough to trigger a race note. Any level of Risk still contributes to minor injury chances.
Issa (#1)
08/08/22 2:04 pm
Horses can no longer suffer random injuries in races. Injuries only occur when caused by a controllable factor.
Issa (#1)
08/08/22 2:04 pm
Stud Services shows a warning icon when stallions have low Condition.
Issa (#1)
08/05/22 11:50 am
Male Probability and Athleticism have been added to Hypomate.
Issa (#1)
08/02/22 9:50 pm
Seems like a great night to spread a little extra Joy!
Issa (#1)
08/01/22 5:49 pm
The Performance Ratings page of the Handbook is finished! Click here to view.
Issa (#1)
08/01/22 2:26 pm
The bug causing discrepancies between Birth Max and maxed stats has been fixed. If you have horses impacted by this, you will need to train their stats up to their correct max. (6yo+ will auto max from any training.)
Issa (#1)
07/30/22 1:09 pm
Reminder: Registrations for the August Board Game Arena tournament are open through this weekend. Try to sign up as soon as possible if you need invitations!
Issa (#1)
07/29/22 9:16 pm
Homozygous Cream horses that carry Sooty may need their images reloaded from their Image Gallery.
Issa (#1)
07/28/22 10:07 pm
We're kicking off another long-awaited Project Six contest this year. Details can be found in the Contests forum.
Issa (#1)
07/28/22 5:40 pm
A recap of last night's breeding workshop has been posted on the forum!
Issa (#1)
07/26/22 7:09 pm
New background Origins is now available! You can buy the infinite version in the Pro Shop and the regular version can be acquired in super secret places.
Issa (#1)
07/26/22 3:47 pm
Smelt away, all ye hoarders o' gold!
Issa (#1)
07/25/22 2:14 pm
Registrations are open for August's Ausome Anniverary Board Game Arena tournament. More information can be found on Discord!
Light Shock (#2785)
07/25/22 12:46 am
If you're interested in more Y50 shenanigans, there's a forum post waiting for you! Go check it out.
Issa (#1)
07/23/22 12:13 am
Ready for adventure? Head on over to the Year 50 Celebration! (Thanks Maeve for the gorgeous banner!)
Issa (#1)
07/22/22 7:33 pm
Black and Smoky Black each have 2 new variant bases. A Glow Up button has been activated for horses who have one of the new bases.
Issa (#1)
07/22/22 4:31 pm
Color Shows are open for entering.
Issa (#1)
07/21/22 2:46 pm
Partnerships are now sold at a flat rate of $250,000.
Issa (#1)
07/21/22 2:19 pm
New training option alert! In Company is available to perform as regular training. Benefits are shown in Training Help.
Maeve (#1539)
07/21/22 10:32 am
A new feed has been dropped! Tone can be fed to horses to increase their condition at the expense of rest.
Maeve (#1539)
07/20/22 10:18 pm
Horses with Color Merit or Color Distinction now have a higher chance of passing that respective color to their foals.
Maeve (#1539)
07/20/22 12:25 pm
Geldings are now eligible to retire upon reaching 100% Gelding Advancement.
Maeve (#1539)
07/17/22 4:25 pm
Imports can no longer have Fair Performance Genes or Low Athleticism, Peak, or Travel.
Light Shock (#2785)
07/04/22 6:25 pm
A lovely Goldblood lady from the recent Select Sale was not picked up. She has been relisted in an auction that will end no sooner than 24 hours from now. All bids are done in PC and must be paid for in PC.