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Producer Quality

What Is Producer Quality?
Producer Quality, sometimes referred to as “PQ”, is a hidden hereditary trait that every horse possesses. It is one of the most important things to consider when matching and breeding horses. Producer Quality, along with input from other contributing factors, determines a foal’s maximum stats, and accordingly, maxed potential. In other words, a higher level producer may produce a foal who maxes higher than the baseline for its stat gene – for example, a “Good” stat maxing at 10. Conversely, a lower level producer may produce a foal who maxes it’s stats lower than it should genetically – for example, an “Outstanding” stat maxing at 1.

PQ has ZERO impact on what genes a foal inherits and is not related to any other genes in any way.
Levels Of Producer Quality
Every horse has a Producer Quality trait for both males and females, which impacts their foals of each respective sex. These two do not always align with each other - meaning a horse may produce significantly better fillies than colts or vice versa.

Producer Quality can be revealed as one of 4 narrative ratings: Below Average, Average, Above Average, or Legendary. This rating represents the combined average of their male and female PQ. A horse who rates Average, for example, may be a mid-quality producer for both sexes or they may be high for one and low for the other.

Finally, it is important to note that although visible PQ is condensed into 4 ratings, it ranges across a broader spectrum. In other words, horses within any given rating category may not all be created equal. The exception to this are Legendary producers, which are guaranteed to be at the very top of the spectrum for both sexes. The chart below lists typical results of breeding horses of each PQ level.

Producer Quality Breeding Outcomes
Legendary Consistently throws high stats and/or strong PQ.
Rarely throws low stats and/or weak PQ.
Above Average Commonly throws high stats and/or strong PQ.
Uncommonly throws low stats and/or weak PQ.
Average Usually throws variable stats and/or variable PQ.
Most likely to have discrepancies between sexes.
Below Average Very rarely throws high stats and/or strong PQ.
Consistently throws low stats and/or weak PQ.

The easiest way to sum up Producer Quality is: the better a producer a horse is the more likely they produce foals with better stats and the more likely they throw better producers. The worse their PQ is the more likely they throw low stats and more likely they throw bad producers. However, horses can also throw high stats to a foal that inherited bad PQ or low stats to a foal that inherited good PQ.

It is important to note that a horse with ANY level of PQ can produce a foal of their PQ level or ANY other level of PQ. A foal can be born with any level of Producer Quality - but the odds of what PQ a foal inherits is influenced by the sire and dam PQs.
Determining Producer Quality
Producer Quality Guarantees
There are several types of horses on FFH that come with a guaranteed minimum level of Producer Quality: Custom Goldbloods (horses bred by FFH Goldblood), horses sold in Select Sales (horses bred by FFH Select) and Imports (horses bred by FFH Import) are at least Average. Select Sale horses who are Average typically fall into the higher end of Average and cannot be weak producers for either sex. Additionally, certain Select Sale horses are sold with a higher Producer Quality guarantee. Any stallion advertised as Legendary in a Select Sale will automatically have visible Producer Quality.

Despite the quality guarantees that come with these horses, it is important to note that foals of horses with a Producer Quality guarantee have no guarantee of their own Producer Quality. Although the offspring of a Legendary stallion (especially when crossed with a high quality mare) is more likely to inherit strong PQ, they still have a chance to be a bad producer.
Pedigree Investigation
A horse's pedigree refers to its parentage or lineage. When pedigree is discussed, it refers to assessing this lineage for an in-depth analysis of PQ. A horse doesn't need to have a complete pedigree in order to be assessed - for example, a Select Sale horse can be said it has an exceptional pedigree as its PQ is guaranteed. Furthermore, a "solid pedigree" refers to the strength of the PQ throughout a pedigree.

When determining PQ impacts upon a foal's stats, The sire's Producer Quality is weighted more heavily than the dam's Producer Quality. For this reason it is important to research a stallion's probable PQ when making breeding decisions. The easiest way to begin an evaluation of a stallion is to compare their AFP (Average Foal Potential) to their DAQ (Dam Average Quality). For example, if a stallion has a high AFP with Above Average DAQ, he could be relying on the PQ of the mares he is breeding. Conversely, if a stallion has a high AFP with a low level DAQ, he is likely a better producer.

The same can be said of a mare - if she has produced all high potential foals but has only been bred to high quality stallions, there is no real gauge on her Producer Quality. It's very difficult to make an accurate estimate of a mare's PQ because most mares have relatively few foals - lower potential foals for no other obvious cause may indicate bad PQ, but higher potential foals could just be a reflection of their sires.

To do a more thorough investigation of a horse's possible Producer Quality, one should study other things that affect a horse's final Potential and compare them to how the horse maxed. These things include: Stat Genes, Conformation, Blood Type Match, sire and dam PM/PD, and Surface and Distance genes. This potential predictor sheet can be used to estimate how a foal should max to better help you determine when PQ may be to blame for a foal maxing lower (or higher) than expected.
Skewed Producer Quality
Although Average Foal Potential can correlate with PQ, AFP and SIP eligibility can be sometimes be "faked" or "misrepresentative". It is important to note that this can be unintentional or intentional, but it doesn’t hurt to take note of certain prefixes, barns, or lines that seem to habitually have an inflated AFP issue.

Inflated AFP, which can misrepresent PQ, means that a stallion (or mare) has been bred to only (or primarily) high quality matches to ensure a higher AFP. A poor Producer could even achieve Gold SIP if he is bred carefully, so it is important to always investigate a stallion – even if he displays SIP. An easy example would be a stallion who is bred primarily to Import or Select Sale mares - he most certainly will have an inflated AFP, especially if foals also inherit strong distance and Conformation genes. Likewise, a stallion who has a low AFP and isn't SIP may not necessarily be a bad producer as there may be other factors that could account for his foals' low stats.
Testing Producer Quality
Producer Quality can be tested from the Genetics page of pensioned horses. Horses are only eligible for this method of testing if they are: pensioned, at least 20 years old, and owned by their breeder. Horses without a breeder are never eligible. This Producer Quality test costs $2,000,000 or 200 PC for males and $1,000,000 or 100 PC for females.
Pro Items
None of the items listed below are necessary for gameplay or a successful breeding program.
Family Jewels This item will both increase and reveal a horse's Producer Quality.
Heir's Crown This item will reveal a horse's Producer Quality.
Mistweaver's Cloak This ancient cloak will both randomize your horses bloodline and conceal it for the horse and its offspring. It may improve Heritage, Peak, and Prime genes. It also improves producer quality. This has 3 uses. Must be used before a horse has any foals on the ground.

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Today at 2:20 pm
Suggested stud fees have been adjusted to reflect recent changes in Development and Heritage. This is unlikely to result in significant changes for most horses, but may be important for some.
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The Golden Apple Orchard prizes have been rebalanced and include some new additions.
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If you received a stillborn notice before 3:00pm, please disregard. There were some blips in the foaling system, resulting in stillborn PMs, and your mare is probably still in foal. You can check Mare Services to be sure.
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07/30/21 12:17 pm
Today is the last day of the Summer Sizzler sale!
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07/28/21 5:16 pm
Fae horses may now opt in to color shows. Shows will be available for them beginning in January Y46.
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07/25/21 4:43 pm
All stables receive up to a 25% discount on race entry fees based upon racing activity in the previous game month. The same discount applies to show entry fees based upon show activity in the previous game month.
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07/25/21 4:28 pm
Stables may earn a Chameleon badge when they actively enter horses in color shows.
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07/25/21 3:42 pm
Genotype Search results show breed(s) accepted under the stud fee.
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07/25/21 3:00 pm
Track info pages have some new census information!
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07/22/21 7:17 pm
Series races now award purses through 10th place. 7th through 10th place finishers receive the same percentage of purse as 6th place.
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07/22/21 7:14 pm
New Year's Resolutions may only be used once per game year.
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07/22/21 1:50 pm
Horses who are already Marathon transitioned will not gain Longevity or Prime when transitioning to Steeplechase.
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07/22/21 1:48 pm
Sprouts and horses purchased with auction vouchers cannot be sold until they have at least 10 race starts.
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07/22/21 1:02 pm
Sparks of Joy horses reset at the end of each game month, meaning if you don't do Sparks for awhile you will no longer return to an outdated horse. Additionally, you may now reroll your assigned horse once per meet.
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07/21/21 9:07 pm
Horses are eligible to retire if they have earned 100 combined show points.
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07/20/21 9:20 pm
Stat stars are now included free for all horses.
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07/20/21 8:46 pm
The Pacific region will not be hosting series races next year with the exception of series that rotate regions (ZZ, ES, WCF, ISHC). However, all series races now allow multiple entries like normal races.
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07/20/21 2:22 pm
Pro players now see Morale and Rest percentages on horse pages. To avoid confusion, the color scale has shifted slightly for both so that they follow the same pattern.
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07/20/21 1:29 pm
Horses transitioning to Steeplechase will automatically max all of their stats if they have completed at least 10 races.
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07/18/21 3:50 pm
Robin's Nests may only be used on mares who have previously been fed Legacy.
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07/18/21 3:00 pm
Legacy may increase a mare's chances of throwing genetic defects. This will not impact mares who have been fed Legacy prior to this post.
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07/18/21 1:39 pm
Account freezing will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.
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07/18/21 1:36 pm
Horses who are not fed or trained in a given month will have increased Risk and slowed Maturity.
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07/01/21 8:01 pm
There are new Activity Badges on profile pages. You can earn these by actively racing 4yo+ (Tenacious Trainer), 3yo (Derby Determined), 2yo (Futurity Focused), and allowance (Allowance Ace) horses.
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07/01/21 4:31 pm
Savings and interest acquisition have been updated. More info is available in your Savings Account.
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06/29/21 10:40 am
The Yearling Auction no longer has minimum bid requirements. I believe this slipped through the cracks last year, leading to some confusion.
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06/27/21 3:21 pm
Yearling Auctions are open for consignment!
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06/22/21 7:14 pm
DAQ has been updated as Dam Producer Quality (PQ) and the Far Above Average level was removed, shifting Above Average and Average slightly. We've also added Dam Genetic Quality (GQ) to better understand how genetics may be impacting a stallion's AFP. Finally, average Select % of foals has been added as another means of measuring the overall quality of mares a stallion has been bred to.
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06/22/21 11:17 am
There is a new version of Lace! You can view it in the Custom Previewer and can apply it through Amore Charms.
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06/21/21 3:54 pm
SIP testing and stallion AFPs are now available!
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06/20/21 11:33 am
The minimum age for Blossom Tea has been reduced to 3 years.
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06/20/21 10:13 am
Distance, Surface, and Style Proficiencies did not drop again this rollover. We are aware of the problem and will be leaving it as is. Proceed with feeding and training as usual. :)
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06/19/21 8:05 pm
AFP is down for some bug fixes until until further notice.
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06/15/21 11:02 am
Forgot to repost after the time traveling... Basic Wraps have a chance to reduce Risk during training.
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06/09/21 5:09 pm
Thoroughbreds, Goldbloods, and Standardbreds have a chance to reveal their transition Stat Genes upon retirement. (With relevant skill.) They no longer have a chance to reveal Jump.
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06/09/21 12:30 pm
Unfilled series races may be entered late for a tripled entry fee.
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06/07/21 7:04 pm
We're working on a spreadsheet to track community-created item art. If you're working on art for an item, add your name under the 'In Progress' column. This does not mean that others can't try it, but can help avoid some overlap.
Issa (#1)
06/07/21 3:15 pm
Goldblood stallions are temporarily eligible to test for Producer Quality if they are: 100% Goldblood, retired, and not Cloaked. Testing fees for Goldbloods during this period are reduced to $500,000 or 50 PC. Although mares can benefit from discounted fees, normal testing restrictions still apply.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 7:19 pm
Yearlings must compete in 10 shows to receive a Travel boost.
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06/06/21 7:19 pm
Yearlings must compete in 10 shows to receive a Travel boost.
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06/06/21 6:25 pm
Suggested Grade and Style have been added to all horse pages as a replacement for Peer Comparisons. Young series race prospects are marked with an icon next to their grade.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 1:38 pm
Players who don't have Hidden Stats can now see a Potential range on their horse's pages. This reflects current Potential only. A new chart has been added to the Evaluating Talent page to help place these horses into appropriate grades.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 11:03 am
Although the Golden Apple Orchard is still taking horses as low as 20 potential, apple supplies are dwindling and you won't receive extra Golden Apples. You will still receive Arcane Apples for exceptional horses.
Issa (#1)
06/04/21 5:05 pm
AI Straw limits have been increased to 4 with an age limit of 20.
Issa (#1)
06/04/21 4:45 pm
The 12 Select Sale stallions age 10 and under with less than 20 foal slots have been set to 20 foal slots.
Issa (#1)
06/03/21 1:41 pm
Favorited horses may no longer be placed 'For Claim'. If a horse is already 'For Claim' and is a Favorite, they will automatically swap to 'No Claim' when visiting their Race Preferences page.
Issa (#1)
05/30/21 1:49 pm
Stallions may have a maximum of 30 foal slots, with the exception of any stallion who already has more than 30 foal slots. If a stallion already has 30 or more foal slots, he will not earn more through SIP upgrades.
Issa (#1)
05/30/21 12:54 pm
Train All for racers is down for maintenance. If you have used it recently please double check your horses' Surface Proficiency before entering races, as it likely hasn't been improving surface.