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Intro to Matching

What is Hypomating? It's looking at two parents' gene cross to determine what your future foal(s) could look like genetically speaking. Not every stud and/or mare will always match perfectly with each other and that is where »Hypomating« comes in. Finding a 'perfect' hypomate is somewhat rare and should not always be aimed for. Why? Because then you are coveting how pretty genes will look on the foal over quality. The foal could turn out to be genetically pretty with a Genetic Merit (GM) but may end up an Allowance racer. Genes are nice, but they aren’t worth much if the foal can’t compete well with other horses. Producer quality is always more important than genes when breeding for racing quality in your foals and lines. Let's look at key factors when deciding what matches to go for.
Performance Genes
Conformation Conformation determines the initial INJURY RISK of a horse, though it is not a guarantee one way or the other. This also affects your horse's maximum potential. Excellent and Outstanding conformation will give potential a boost while Fair and Poor will lower it. A Good conformation gene will not affect potential.
Development A horse with higher development will physically mature faster, making it safer to race them at a young age. A horse with bad development will take a lot longer to fully mature and contribute to negative anomalies.
Health Horses with higher health can handle more races while horses with lower health will handle less. Health corresponds directly to the longevity bar on your horse's page. Lower health will lead to negative anomalies and/or higher stillborn chances.
Intelligence This influences how fast a horse gains stats through training.
Temperament It loosely influences consistency and to a lesser extent courage. Horses who have a better (more docile) temperament will be more consistent in races, while horses with poor attitudes will tend to have a lot of ups and downs.

Genotype Search
Mare Matching
Genotype Search is a fantastic tool to use to find stallions for your mare(s). You can go to »Genosearch« found under »Breeding«. The very top of genosearch gives you the option to search for Retired, or All; select Retired to pull up all current retired (non-racing) stallions. You can search for specific breeds using the drop-down tab. If you are new to breeding it is suggested you look for stallions that already have »SIP (Stallion Incentive Program)«. Selecting a stallion that is minimally Bronze will result in a listing of stallions that have at least made Bronze SIP or higher.

It is also recommended that you select awards under Points: Performance Merit as the minimum. Why? Because stallions who have at least a Performance Merit (PM) will impact their foals potential positively. A stallion who has less than 100 points is not as desirable as one who does because of the potential bonus.

Next match your mare's distance to the genosearch input. So if she is a sprinter you want to put Excellent or Outstanding sprint gene in the box as matching distances is very important. Matching a sprinting mare to a routing stallion will have a high chance (depending upon gene alleles) of a intermediate distance foal which impacts potential. The same goes for matching routing mares. Intermediate distance foals are undesirable and can be avoided if matched correctly. Matching surface genes is something you should also strive to do for the best possible foals.

The biggest impactful genes are Conformation, Health, and Heritage, so make sure those are always matched to improve your mare. If you can see Peak/Prime it is important to think about these genes as well.
Reverse Matching
Genotype Search can also be used to find mares for your Stallions from within your own barn that are both retired and in training. To do this, much like with matching a mare you can go to »Genosearch« found under »Breeding«. The very top of genosearch gives you the option to search for Retired, or All; in this case you’ll want to select All. You’ll be able to see mares that are both In Training and Retiring, so you can see if you have mares on the track that can support your stallion in the future. You can search for specific breeds using the drop-down tab, and you should select genes that your stallion can compliment or can be improved on for the next generation.

Like Stallions, Mares also get a boost for earning at least 50 points and Performance Merits or higher, so including those in your search would help maximize the boosts for possible offspring.

Just like the mare matching above, the next thing you’ll want to focus on will be Distances and Surfaces. And of course the most impactful genes to look will be Conformation, Health, and Heritage.

Basic Gene Crossing
Every gene is considered important and should be evaluated when hypomating the stallion and mare. A Good x Good cross can still result in a Poor. You usually want to pair a Fair/Good to an Excellent or higher in whatever your mare is lacking. Example: Your mare is Fair in conformation you want to find a stud that is Excellent or Outstanding so the foal has the best chance of improving that gene.

Rarely you may have to sacrifice genes in some areas in order for your mare to get covered for the season as some stallions with high genes are usually sought after and books fill fast. Keep in mind not all high gened stallions are worth breeding to. There are some lower gened stallions standing that produce good offspring.
Tips to Remember
If you are breeding Standardbreds or Stock, it is considered acceptable to make certain matches genetically that aren’t acceptable in TBs or GBs, due to the smaller gene pool in these breeds. This applies more to Standardbreds currently since stock can find matches in TBs, however it is okay if the matches in these breeds aren’t what would be considered perfect (or even good) in TBs or GBs. Just keep in mind that some stud owners have different criteria when accepting matches, and so expect matches to meet said different criteria.

With the addition of new breeds here is a helpful chart to show you the breakdown of breed crosses. Crossbreeding can restrict the offspring from certain races, but otherwise will not currently affect the foals in any other way. Plus, crossbred foals can participate in those restricted races through several methods, which includes purifying them, earning the required amount of points in races, or nothing if they’re gelded (geldings are eligible even if they’re appendix in some form). The only breeds that are unable to be cross-bred are Standardbreds and Goldbloods.

Cross Breeding Chart

In addition, a few key things to remember are listed below.

• Pedigree/Producing Quality is always more important than genes
• Distance aptitude genes (Speed/Stamina) are very important
• If a mare is really bad, look to improve Conformation and Health first
• Negative Anomalies may be caused by bad Health and Development genes as well as low stallion condition, high pregnancy risk, and IxV bloodline crosses
• Good x Good cross can still result in a Poor
• In a perfect situation, match every F/P Performance and Stat gene with E or higher
Never cross I x V bloodlines
Never cross two horses that both have a Silver (ZZ/Zz) gene
Never cross two horses that both have a Champagne (CH/Ch) gene

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
Today at 2:20 pm
Suggested stud fees have been adjusted to reflect recent changes in Development and Heritage. This is unlikely to result in significant changes for most horses, but may be important for some.
Issa (#1)
Today at 1:30 pm
The Golden Apple Orchard prizes have been rebalanced and include some new additions.
Issa (#1)
Today at 12:02 pm
Coffee with a mod? Coffee with a mod! Come hang out in Discord and ask all your New Year's questions!
Issa (#1)
Today at 1:41 am
Do you read news posts? Don't forget to reply to earn some cash and a chance to win some New Year's prizes! (Be sure to follow the rules!)
Issa (#1)
Yesterday at 4:42 pm
If you received a stillborn notice before 3:00pm, please disregard. There were some blips in the foaling system, resulting in stillborn PMs, and your mare is probably still in foal. You can check Mare Services to be sure.
Issa (#1)
07/30/21 12:17 pm
Today is the last day of the Summer Sizzler sale!
Issa (#1)
07/28/21 5:16 pm
Fae horses may now opt in to color shows. Shows will be available for them beginning in January Y46.
Issa (#1)
07/25/21 4:43 pm
All stables receive up to a 25% discount on race entry fees based upon racing activity in the previous game month. The same discount applies to show entry fees based upon show activity in the previous game month.
Issa (#1)
07/25/21 4:28 pm
Stables may earn a Chameleon badge when they actively enter horses in color shows.
Issa (#1)
07/25/21 3:42 pm
Genotype Search results show breed(s) accepted under the stud fee.
Issa (#1)
07/25/21 3:00 pm
Track info pages have some new census information!
Issa (#1)
07/22/21 7:17 pm
Series races now award purses through 10th place. 7th through 10th place finishers receive the same percentage of purse as 6th place.
Issa (#1)
07/22/21 7:14 pm
New Year's Resolutions may only be used once per game year.
Issa (#1)
07/22/21 1:50 pm
Horses who are already Marathon transitioned will not gain Longevity or Prime when transitioning to Steeplechase.
Issa (#1)
07/22/21 1:48 pm
Sprouts and horses purchased with auction vouchers cannot be sold until they have at least 10 race starts.
Issa (#1)
07/22/21 1:02 pm
Sparks of Joy horses reset at the end of each game month, meaning if you don't do Sparks for awhile you will no longer return to an outdated horse. Additionally, you may now reroll your assigned horse once per meet.
Issa (#1)
07/21/21 9:07 pm
Horses are eligible to retire if they have earned 100 combined show points.
Issa (#1)
07/20/21 9:20 pm
Stat stars are now included free for all horses.
Issa (#1)
07/20/21 8:46 pm
The Pacific region will not be hosting series races next year with the exception of series that rotate regions (ZZ, ES, WCF, ISHC). However, all series races now allow multiple entries like normal races.
Issa (#1)
07/20/21 2:22 pm
Pro players now see Morale and Rest percentages on horse pages. To avoid confusion, the color scale has shifted slightly for both so that they follow the same pattern.
Issa (#1)
07/20/21 1:29 pm
Horses transitioning to Steeplechase will automatically max all of their stats if they have completed at least 10 races.
Issa (#1)
07/18/21 3:50 pm
Robin's Nests may only be used on mares who have previously been fed Legacy.
Issa (#1)
07/18/21 3:00 pm
Legacy may increase a mare's chances of throwing genetic defects. This will not impact mares who have been fed Legacy prior to this post.
Issa (#1)
07/18/21 1:39 pm
Account freezing will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.
Issa (#1)
07/18/21 1:36 pm
Horses who are not fed or trained in a given month will have increased Risk and slowed Maturity.
Issa (#1)
07/01/21 8:01 pm
There are new Activity Badges on profile pages. You can earn these by actively racing 4yo+ (Tenacious Trainer), 3yo (Derby Determined), 2yo (Futurity Focused), and allowance (Allowance Ace) horses.
Issa (#1)
07/01/21 4:31 pm
Savings and interest acquisition have been updated. More info is available in your Savings Account.
Issa (#1)
06/29/21 10:40 am
The Yearling Auction no longer has minimum bid requirements. I believe this slipped through the cracks last year, leading to some confusion.
Issa (#1)
06/27/21 3:21 pm
Yearling Auctions are open for consignment!
Issa (#1)
06/22/21 7:14 pm
DAQ has been updated as Dam Producer Quality (PQ) and the Far Above Average level was removed, shifting Above Average and Average slightly. We've also added Dam Genetic Quality (GQ) to better understand how genetics may be impacting a stallion's AFP. Finally, average Select % of foals has been added as another means of measuring the overall quality of mares a stallion has been bred to.
Issa (#1)
06/22/21 11:17 am
There is a new version of Lace! You can view it in the Custom Previewer and can apply it through Amore Charms.
Issa (#1)
06/21/21 3:54 pm
SIP testing and stallion AFPs are now available!
Issa (#1)
06/20/21 11:33 am
The minimum age for Blossom Tea has been reduced to 3 years.
Issa (#1)
06/20/21 10:13 am
Distance, Surface, and Style Proficiencies did not drop again this rollover. We are aware of the problem and will be leaving it as is. Proceed with feeding and training as usual. :)
Issa (#1)
06/19/21 8:05 pm
AFP is down for some bug fixes until until further notice.
Issa (#1)
06/15/21 11:02 am
Forgot to repost after the time traveling... Basic Wraps have a chance to reduce Risk during training.
Issa (#1)
06/09/21 5:09 pm
Thoroughbreds, Goldbloods, and Standardbreds have a chance to reveal their transition Stat Genes upon retirement. (With relevant skill.) They no longer have a chance to reveal Jump.
Issa (#1)
06/09/21 12:30 pm
Unfilled series races may be entered late for a tripled entry fee.
Issa (#1)
06/07/21 7:04 pm
We're working on a spreadsheet to track community-created item art. If you're working on art for an item, add your name under the 'In Progress' column. This does not mean that others can't try it, but can help avoid some overlap.
Issa (#1)
06/07/21 3:15 pm
Goldblood stallions are temporarily eligible to test for Producer Quality if they are: 100% Goldblood, retired, and not Cloaked. Testing fees for Goldbloods during this period are reduced to $500,000 or 50 PC. Although mares can benefit from discounted fees, normal testing restrictions still apply.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 7:19 pm
Yearlings must compete in 10 shows to receive a Travel boost.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 7:19 pm
Yearlings must compete in 10 shows to receive a Travel boost.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 6:25 pm
Suggested Grade and Style have been added to all horse pages as a replacement for Peer Comparisons. Young series race prospects are marked with an icon next to their grade.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 1:38 pm
Players who don't have Hidden Stats can now see a Potential range on their horse's pages. This reflects current Potential only. A new chart has been added to the Evaluating Talent page to help place these horses into appropriate grades.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 11:03 am
Although the Golden Apple Orchard is still taking horses as low as 20 potential, apple supplies are dwindling and you won't receive extra Golden Apples. You will still receive Arcane Apples for exceptional horses.
Issa (#1)
06/04/21 5:05 pm
AI Straw limits have been increased to 4 with an age limit of 20.
Issa (#1)
06/04/21 4:45 pm
The 12 Select Sale stallions age 10 and under with less than 20 foal slots have been set to 20 foal slots.
Issa (#1)
06/03/21 1:41 pm
Favorited horses may no longer be placed 'For Claim'. If a horse is already 'For Claim' and is a Favorite, they will automatically swap to 'No Claim' when visiting their Race Preferences page.
Issa (#1)
05/30/21 1:49 pm
Stallions may have a maximum of 30 foal slots, with the exception of any stallion who already has more than 30 foal slots. If a stallion already has 30 or more foal slots, he will not earn more through SIP upgrades.
Issa (#1)
05/30/21 12:54 pm
Train All for racers is down for maintenance. If you have used it recently please double check your horses' Surface Proficiency before entering races, as it likely hasn't been improving surface.