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Horse Trader Perks

Horse Trader Horses
Horse Trader Horses are foundation horses that can be purchased from Bob the »Horse Trader« representing the Thoroughbred, Stock, and Standardbred breeds. These horses can be purchased at ages 2, 3, 4 or 5. For Stock and Standardbred, retired mares can be purchased as well. All retired mares from the Horse Trader will start out as 6yos. Horses from the Horse Trader will all come with an unknown Producer Quality and will generally have some genetic flaws.

Each breed has different levels of difficulty for campaigning and standing a Horse Trader Stallion. For example, in Standardbreds where the breed is newer, the market value of an HT Stallion is much higher than it would be in a more well established breed like Thoroughbreds.
Perks of Breeding Horse Trader Horses
While it may be harder to get a HT Stallion to stud there are some significant perks to it too. Every HT Stallion will have maximum Geldability upon retirement, and double the rewards for Performance Merit, Performance Distinction, Steeplechase Major, and Steeplechase Minor, and any HT stallion that earns SIP will receive a 200 PC bonus.

HT stallions also receive big breeding bonuses. Stallions now receive a $250,000 bonus when covering any HT mare. Additionally, mares bred to HT stallions also receive a $250,000 bonus. These bonuses are ONLY applied when breeding to HT stallions owned by another player. Crossing your own HT mares by HT stallions will not earn any bonus.
Extreme Mare Makeover
Extreme Mare Makeover (EMM) mares are mares purchased from the Horse Trader that are all poor Performance and Stat Genes and also the worst Producer Quality. These mares can be purchased in any breed and are rewarded with prizes for achieving certain requirements. They have a special symbol to denote them on their pages and on breeding requests.

Each July, EMM mares who threw the best foals within each breed category (Potential per Birth Max) of the year will receive rewards. Rewards are distributed across 2 categories: "Foundation" (<25% Select lineage with a non-Import/non-Custom sire) and "Select" (>= 25% Select lineage and/or Import/Custom sire). Appendix Quarter Horse or Paint Horse foals are not eligible for best-of-crop awards.

EMM Mare Rewards
Legacy Per foal that earns Performance Merit
Mythos Scepter Per foal that earns Performance Distinction
Inheritance Interrupter Per foal that earns Court Of Stars
Pro Coins When the mare earns Distinctive Broodmare, Star Broodmare, or Superior Broodmare
Silver Token When the mare earns Seal Of Pedigree
Victor's Blade When a son of the mare earns enrollment in SIP