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Gelding Buddies

How to Buddy Work
Upon retirement, geldings can be used as workout buddies for doing Buddy Workouts. When you have aquired the skill to buddy work and when you have a retired gelding, you will be able to buddy work from your horse's Exercise page. Below the regular training, there will be a section to do Buddy Workouts. Just like racing, you can choose both your horse's and your buddy's running style. You also choose a gelding to use as a buddy and lastly, you choose a distance and surface for your horses to do a workout on.

When you have successfully done a workout, your horse and your buddy will both be given a score. When buddy working you want to choose a gelding that pairs well with your horse - you want their scores to not differ by more than 10. (2 yo's being the exception - their score can be within 20.)

If your buddy scores much higher than your horse, it may be discouraged by being left in the dust and your horse can lose morale and prime and gain risk. If your horse is much faster than your buddy, it might find it a little bit too easy and it can lose consistency and risk. This can be a beneficial thing if you are trying to lower your horse's risk - just remember it might make your horse lose other consistency too!

Don't be scared of trying buddy workouts - the first workout only reveals your horse's score and will not have any negative nor positive consequence. This is really useful since it will help you choose a buddy in the future!

Geldings can continue to be workout buddies until they turn 16 years old after which point they may only be used as yearling buddies. Buddy Workout scores will be cut in half when they turn 12. Geldings can also potentially have specific traits which make them even more useful for workouts and yearling buddies. (See 'Gelding Advancement')
Benefits to Buddy Workouts
These workouts have many benefits, so having workout buddies available is a great asset! Buddy Workouts can and might improve Morale, Consistency, Courage, Prime, Rest, Experience, increase unmaxed Stats, improve Peak up to 75% if the horse has a Peak jockey assigned, and raise Max Stats if the buddy and the horse scores the same!
Yearling Buddies
Buddies younger than 20 can be transitioned to yearling buddies and assigned to a maximum of three yearlings. All yearlings who have buddies assigned to them will see a few benefits upon monthly rollover, including a chance to improve Courage and Consistency, increased Morale, increased Peak, increased Maturity, and decreased Risk. However, once a buddy has been transitioned to a buddy yearling they can never be used to perform buddy workouts again.
Gelding Advancement
Colts and Geldings both earn Advancement points as they race. The amount they earn is based off the PRs that they perform in races. A meter on the Manage page tracks how many Advancement points a colt/gelding has earned over the course of their lifetime.

To be eligible to use Advancement points, a horse must be gelded (even though colts earn points too), must have filled the Advancement meter to at least 50%, and must be younger than 11 (otherwise they won’t be eligible to pick a trait). You can also only choose a trait when the horse is retired. If the horse meets all of these criteria, there will be an option on the manage page to choose a trait based on certain genes of the gelding and the percentage of Advancement points the horse has earned.

Note, however, that any stallion who is used for breeding will lose Advancement based upon the number of mares he covers. This doesn’t make it impossible to assign a trait to a gelding that had once been used for breeding purposes, but it may limit your choices.

Tier I traits are an option if a horse has filled at least 50% of the Advancement meter. These include:

Kind Eye: Buddies with this trait help yearlings and racers improve Morale. Only available if gelding has Excellent+ Temperament.

Body Builder: Will further improve a yearling’s Maturity when assigned to one. Only has this effect on yearlings. Only available if the gelding has Excellent+ Development.

Bromantic: A buddy with this trait will help horses build Courage and Consistency. This includes helping racers improve their current Courage/Consistency and yearlings improve their maximum Courage/Consistency.

Tier II traits become available when the Advancement meter has been filled to at least 75%. These include:

Fierce Competitor: Buddies with this trait further improve the Experience gained during buddy workouts. Only applies to workouts.

Patient Pal: Buddies with this trait help yearlings and racers improve Peak.

Steady Eddy: Buddies with this trait help racers improve Soundness during workouts. Applies to workouts only. Buddy must have excellent+ Conformation.

Tier III traits are only available if a horse has completely filled the Advancement meter (100%). These are:

Career Coach: Buddies with this trait help racers and yearlings improve Prime.

Jumps for Joy: Buddies with this trait will help SC horses gain bonus Experience. For workouts only. Buddy must have competed in SC to be eligible for this.

Mirror: A buddy with this trait will always run within 5 points of his buddy's workout score. Only applies to workouts. Gelding must have Excellent+ Intelligence.

Silver Senior: A buddy who has this trait won't have a decreased workout score after turning 12. Only applies to workouts. Gelding must have Excellent+ Health.

Trialed and Triumphed: A buddy with this trait will help your transitioned horses gain bonus Experience. Buddy workouts ONLY. Standardbreeds (STB) ONLY. Gelding must have competed in Driving Trials.

Unflurried: A buddy with this trait will help yearlings improve their Colt Composure and Filly Power. Yearlings ONLY.

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Making Magic
Issa (#1)
Today at 4:03 pm
2 year olds of all breeds will have G2 races this year. These will begin in June.
Issa (#1)
Yesterday at 6:47 pm
Racing Quick View has received a makeover!
Issa (#1)
Yesterday at 6:18 pm
Transitioning horses to Marathon or Driving Trials now has the same Maturity requirement as Steeplechase.
Issa (#1)
Yesterday at 3:07 pm
Private Sales are now functional again.
Issa (#1)
10/12/21 1:23 pm
Your Rank, with the exception of Diamond, is now based upon starts rather than points. Your rank will upgrade as follows: Novice - 100 starts; Amateur - 500 starts; Savvy - 1,500 starts; Master - 3,000 starts; Diamond - 50,000 points.
Issa (#1)
10/07/21 9:07 pm
Update: Rollover is postponed until Saturday.
Issa (#1)
10/06/21 3:24 pm
Forever Pros can now see Travel Affinity on horse pages.
Issa (#1)
10/05/21 6:47 pm
You can now Add Matches for mares via the button found on colt and stallion pages. You can then visit a mare's Breeding Info page to view a list of her matches.
Issa (#1)
10/05/21 1:38 pm
You may now perform Grade inspections on retired and pensioned geldings who previously produced foals.
Issa (#1)
10/03/21 8:34 pm
Stud Packages may now be purchased from the Genetics page of colts/stallions. This bundle will reveal: Stat Genes, Heritage, Peak, Prime, and Athleticism. Prices are based upon rank. If you already have stablewides, this does not concern you - it is just a way for players to invest in promising individuals without purchasing stablewides.
Issa (#1)
09/26/21 2:39 pm
There's only 4 days left to register for the October Spooktacular game tournament! Click here for more info about the tournament, prizes, and how to sign up.
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09/26/21 12:16 pm
Horse Name Scramble answers can be found here!
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09/26/21 12:13 pm
If you're curious what you missed - Scavenger Hunt answers can be found here!
Issa (#1)
09/24/21 4:06 pm
Gelding incentive payouts have been increased significantly.
Issa (#1)
09/23/21 3:54 pm
Rest did not get added at the start of August. It has now been added to all horses.
Issa (#1)
09/23/21 11:15 am
Scavenger Hunt hint: #26 can be found somewhere within the Genetics section of the Handbook.
Issa (#1)
09/20/21 9:47 pm
The yearling auction is open for consignment. Consignments will close (and bidding will open) at the start of September.
Issa (#1)
09/16/21 12:23 pm
You can now earn a Radiant activity badge if you send at least 10 Sparks of Joy per week.
Issa (#1)
09/15/21 10:00 pm
Registration is now open for the October Spooktacular board game tournament! Click here to learn more about the tournament and how to register.
Issa (#1)
09/15/21 1:49 pm
A couple bugs with Maintenance stat gains have been fixed. Horses will now gain stats from Maintenance at the appropriate rate and stats improved will be listed in the successful training notification.
Issa (#1)
09/13/21 4:11 pm
Hint for scavenger hunt #5 - it can be found somewhere within the Community tab.
Issa (#1)
09/10/21 1:08 pm
3 year olds now have a chance to improve in stats when racing.
Issa (#1)
09/09/21 8:27 pm
Fancy yourself a word wiz? Give this Word Scramble a try! Make a copy, write your answers in, and send it to a moderator when you're done. If you finish all 25 correctly, you'll win a ticket into the bonus raffle.

Once again, please don't share your answers with others!
Issa (#1)
09/07/21 5:17 pm
Let the scavenger hunt begin! 30 items are hidden around FFH and it's your job to find them. Keep a list of what items you found (in numerical order) and send it to a moderator (on Discord or FFH) when you're done. Turn in all 30 for 1 bonus raffle ticket + another surprise! Give up early? Turn in 20 for 1 bonus raffle ticket.

Sharing is not caring in this endeavor. Please keep all answers to yourself.
Issa (#1)
09/06/21 12:24 pm
PayPal continues to have problems with 90% of PC purchases so automation has been turned off until we can figure out what's wrong. All PC purchased will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment. There's no need to message me unless it hasn't arrived within 24 hours. I'll post another update whenever we get automated PC deposits working again. Thanks for your patience!
Issa (#1)
08/31/21 3:32 pm
More 2 year old races have been added for TB/GB and QH/PH for May A. We'll also have an expanded card for May B.
Issa (#1)
08/31/21 2:32 pm
Legendary Inventors has been subbed out for Viticulture in the tournament as we determined Viticulture isn't as smooth for turn-based play. Everyone signed up for Favorites Fair will receive invitations to Legendary Inventors today.
Issa (#1)
08/30/21 4:03 pm
Prices for Blood Test and Blood Range have been reduced.
Issa (#1)
08/30/21 1:58 pm
Prizes for reaching higher ranks have been updated. You can see the new prize lists on this page. Everyone has also been awarded any new prizes available for their current rank.
Issa (#1)
08/30/21 12:03 pm
Make sure you've filled out the invitation request form if you want to participate in the Birthday Bash. A number of people who contacted with interest haven't requested invitations. If you've requested invitations and haven't received one within 48 hours, please contact the division host.
Issa (#1)
08/30/21 12:01 pm
2 year olds will now receive their Travel affinity advancement bonus if they ran at least 4 races. (3 year olds still require 10 total.)
Issa (#1)
08/30/21 11:05 am
Energy has been reset to 100% and Condition to a minimum of 80%.
Issa (#1)
08/28/21 1:09 pm
Prices for all standard feeds, excluding Gleam, have been reduced. This includes pallet prices.
Issa (#1)
08/28/21 11:46 am
The extra fee for multiple entries in color shows has been reduced from $20,000 (per entry) to $10,000 (per entry).
Issa (#1)
08/26/21 12:31 pm
~It's almost my birthday and I'll game if I want to! Collect donuts if I want to, roll dice if I want to! You can game too if it sounds fun to you!~

We hosting a mega board game tournament for the month of September! There are several categories to pick from, ranging from quick and silly to more complex, so don't be shy about joining us even if you're not an experienced gamer. You can find all the exciting details in this document. Hope to see you there!
Issa (#1)
08/26/21 3:30 am
Basic Wraps now have 10 uses. All existing Basic Wraps, including those equipped to horses, have been boosted to 10 uses remaining.
Issa (#1)
08/25/21 6:44 pm
Waystone now improves travel affinity by one level.
Issa (#1)
08/24/21 9:51 pm
Horses who score 98%+ in color shows will receive 2 bonus points. These points have been retroactively awarded for all Y46 shows.
Issa (#1)
08/24/21 9:43 pm
The annual community survey is now available! This is a pretty thorough survey, so please allow a little time to complete. You may complete the survey anonymously, but we'll be sending a small token of appreciation to all who opt to include their name/ID.
Issa (#1)
08/24/21 3:08 am
Savings interest will be removed after April A. Please make sure to claim your last available interest this meet.
Issa (#1)
08/21/21 12:58 pm
All broodmares are eligible for special trade-in at the Golden Apple Orchard. You will receive no rewards for using this limited-time option, so if a mare is eligible in the normal trade-in use it instead.
Issa (#1)
08/21/21 12:57 pm
A bug was fixed where yearlings were gaining Morale from Grooming. (Yearlings do not gain Morale from training.)
Issa (#1)
08/20/21 6:41 pm
Broodmares not bred will lose Fertility in July. (In foal and covered mares count as 'bred'.) Mares who cannot be bred due to injury are exempt.
Issa (#1)
08/16/21 1:53 pm
Color shows now award Breeding Passes. These are currently awarded at the same rate as Breeding Passes for race starts, but may be adjusted in the future. Breeding Passes have been retroactively awarded for all Y46 shows.
Briana (#3)
08/16/21 11:37 am
Join us on Discord for a workshop on Breeding Stud Quality at 8PM FFH time tonight!
Issa (#1)
08/11/21 1:44 pm
Activity Badges are temporarily unavailable.
Issa (#1)
08/08/21 3:09 pm
Private Sales are no longer available. Leases may only be listed for a maximum of 18 months.
Issa (#1)
08/08/21 12:43 pm
Suggested stud fees have been updated with consideration for HT stallions.
Issa (#1)
08/05/21 2:55 pm
New skin Fireflies is now available! We have discontinued support for several outdated skins and anyone using those skins has been automatically swapped to Fireflies.
Issa (#1)
08/04/21 8:48 pm
Code that alters the appearance and/or function of FFH pages has never been permitted with the exception of stable pages. However, this rule now extends to the entire site, meaning CSS is no longer permitted on stable pages. You may still display image banners in the banner section or create tables and/or layouts within the appropriate section of your stable profile.