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Page last updated: May 10th, 2021

November 27th, 2020 [Y43]
  1. MII - MII qualifications have been adjusted.

November 24th, 2020 [March Y43]
  1. Quick Match - There are now checkboxes on mares Genetics pages that are the foundation of Quick Match, giving you the ability to tailor your searches to whatever genes you want to prioritize for each individual mare. Any gene not checked will not be included in your search. Any checked gene will be included within the parameters of search type.
  2. KISS - Will remain relaxed crosses, including distance and surface genes. If a Performance gene is selected, all stallions with Good or better will be included. All other core functions of KISS and Forever KISS remain the same as in previous years in regards to Performance Merits, Peak, and so on.
  3. Standard and Forever - Will provide more ideal results, only including stallions who are Excellent or better in all selected Performance genes. This also applies to distance and surface genes. (If you want to include intermediate distance or semi-surface studs, untick distance and/or surface boxes.) All other core functions of Standard and Forever searches remain unchanged.
  4. Horse Trader - Any horse purchased from the HT will now come with Morale, Distance Proficiency, and Surface Proficiency high enough to begin training and racing immediately.

November 21st, 2020 [February Y43]
  1. Grooming - Grooming is now a training option for racing horses who are not yet saddle trained. This will allow you to groom and attempt saddle training within the same month.
  2. Yearling Groundwork - t now has a chance to raise any stat and can improve different stats each month. However, the maximum a stat can improve to from Groundwork is 3 - and yearlings may not reach 3 on any/all stats by the time they age up.
  3. Producer Quality - Producer Quality can now be tested from the Genetics page of pensioned horses. Horses are only eligible for this method of testing if they are: pensioned, at least 20 years old, and owned by their breeder. Horses without a breeder are never eligible. This Producer Quality test costs $2,000,000 or 200 PC for males and $1,000,000 or 100 PC for females.
  4. Bloodline Mutations - Bloodline Mutations can now be tested from from their Genetics page. Horses are eligible to test if they are pensioned or have at least 10 foals on the ground. The ‘Mutation Test’ costs $1,000,000 or 100 PC for males and $500,000 or 50 PC for females.

November 19th, 2020 [February Y43]
  1. Foal Slots - Stallions are no longer born with foal slots unless they are Stock or Standardbred (which are born with 5). When a colt retires, he will have either 5 or 15 slots awarded based upon points. If he earned 50 racing points he receives 5 slots; if he earned 100 racing points (Performance Merit) he receives 15 slots. These are in addition to the 5 slots STB and stock start with. Considering baseline slots, SIP bonuses, and item bonuses, and possible CoS reward, the maximum possible slots for Thoroughbred and Goldblood stallions is now 38 and the maximum for Standardbred and Stock is 43. This does not include AI straws, which can be drawn regardless of a stallion's limit.
  2. Legacy and Victor's Blades - now award a set number of slots rather than a random amount that can sometimes feel unfair. Legacy now adds 3 slots up to a maximum of 25 slots. Victor's Blade now adds 5 slots up to a maximum of 30 slots. Legacy is also now awarded free to any horse who earns Performance Distinction (250 points), rather than giving them 1 extra foal slot.
  3. Happy Ball - The durability of Happyball and Slurpit has been reduced to 3 months.

November 17th, 2020 [February Y43]
  1. Surface Aptitude - Surface proficiency will now decline at each month's rollover, just like distance proficiency. Surface also now mirrors distances in breeding in terms of impact on stats. Horses with no Strong aptitude will suffer small penalties to their stats, while horses with no aptitude at all (dd tt) will be impacted more severely.

November 14th, 2020 [January Y43]
  1. Distance Training - Horses will now gain proficiency at the distance you train as well as neighboring distances. At each month’s rollover, all horses will lose proficiency at different rates depending upon their distance genes.
  2. Proficiency Bar - The proficiency bar (on Horse page) and star (on Exercise page) colors. With the inclusion of a new grey color, there are now 4 categories of training a horse can fall into: grey - 0-24% (Poor), red - 25-49% (Fair), yellow - 50-74% (Average), green - 75-100% (Excellent). Although green is most ideal and will reward your horse with the best PR in races and no chance of injury, yellow-range proficiency is acceptable with insignificant chance of injury. Entering races at distances where a horse has red or grey proficiency should generally be avoided.
  3. Distance Aptitude - There has been a small tweak to how horses inherit their favorite distances.
  4. Style Proficiency - There is a new bar for horses Style Proficiency, for each style: Frontrunner, Midpack, and Closer. Horses improve their proficiency in a style when performing buddy workouts or entering races. It will determine how much style bonus they receive in races. Unmaxed horses have a chance to gain bonus stats when training based upon their style proficiency. Style proficiency never contributes to injury risk. There is nothing wrong with entering a horse who has 0% (or otherwise low) proficiency. Although their PR may suffer.
  5. Track & Trail Rides - Track Rides now improve a horse’s Experience while Trail Rides a horse’s Rest.
  6. 2YOs - All exhaustion penalities have been removed however 2YOs now require more energy to train, including first intervals or gate training. The only training options that remain ‘free’ for the first training of the month are Maintenance and Saddle Training.
  7. Weather Forecasts - Weather icons at tracks now represent a forecast of anticipated weather. As with real forecasts, the actual weather may vary. This will never be an extreme variation, but a slight change in once direction or another.

November 14th, 2020 [January Y43]
  1. Glow Up - A new box and button now will appear on every horse when they turn two. They will also appear on grey horses annually.
  2. Horse Trader - Prices have been reduced for high ranked players and 2YO Thoroughbreds are back in stock.
  3. Horse Trader Breeding Incentives - Stallions now receive a bonus $250,000 for covering a Horse Trader or MII mare. Mares bred to Horse Trader stallions also receive a $250,000 stipend. These only apply when breeding to horses owned by other players.
  4. Horse Trader Series - Horses who have been purchased directly from the HT as well as horses who are HT x HT bred (both parents were HT horses) will be eligible for these races. The new HT series race divisions will be kicking off in Thoroughbred Gems and Trinities this year for both sexes, on both surfaces, in both America and Europe.
  5. Grade Restrictions - Grade restrictions have been removed. However downgrading a horse will still have PR penalities, earn Handily notes, and abuse is subject to warning.
  6. Series Races - Are now gender restricted.
  7. Stock Breed Distances - Stock breeds now have added 100 and 900 yard races. Distances will change for some series races to account for the new distances.
  8. Stock Series Races - Midsummer Futurity and International Stock Horse Championships will be split by breed beginning this year. Both will offer a Quarter Horse and a Paint Horse division and the ISHC will officially become IQHC and IPHC, respectively.
  9. Appendix Geldings - Will be exempt from normal Appendix restrictions, meaning they will be able to enter series races without purifying or earning points.
  10. Stock and Standardbred Races - Race cards for both breeds will be expanded. Both breeds will also consume less Energy and Rest in races, allowing them to race at a more realistic frequency.
  11. Fillies - Fillies are no longer eligible to retire just for having low potential. The minimum Longevity requirement for all horses has been reduced from 10 races to 6 races. However, 2 year olds of all breeds will now consume more Longevity with each start.

October 28th, 2020 [November Y42]
  1. Rest - The Rest star has been adjusted to be a little easier to follow. The Rest race note has been updated accordingly.
  2. Sugar Cubes - Sugar cubes keep Rest at consistent levels like energy, but do not reset Rest to 100%.
  3. World Championship Festivals - Horses who finish 10th or better in Gold Cups are now eligible for World Championship Races, except for 2 year old races. Races with more than 20 entrants will still utilize the entry pool system, as will all 2 year old races.
  4. New Player Horse Trader Horses - Horse Trader horses bought by new players will automatically max Courage and Consistency.
  5. Tournaround Medallion - Tournaround Medallions now improve a horse's Steeplechase stat genes to at least average. Each Tournaround Medallion has 1 use.
  6. Listing Fees - Listing fees must now be paid to stand a stallion publicly. More information can be found on the Standing a Stud page in the Handbook.
  7. Stallion Incentive Program - Adjustments have been made to the Stallion Incentive Program requirements. A new icon to denote Sophomore stallions has been added for studs with less than 10 foals.
  8. Golden Apple Orchard - Now accepting fillies/mares 20+ potential (with Business skill) with increased bonus apples. Also receive Vigor and a Breeding Pass for each filly/mare given up (possibly for a limited time).
  9. Pasture Extension - Pasture can now be extended from a horse's page. Horses must have pasture extended to receive extra benefits. Yearlings not eligible for pasture extension.
  10. Additional Pasture Benefits - Broodmares now have lower chances of miscarriage and stillborns in the year they return from pasture.
  11. Penalty for not feeding/training - Horses not fed during a month now lose energy at monthly rollover. Yearling buddies not fed and trained will not provide benefits to assigned yearlings.
  12. Trophies awarded - Trophies awarded for the following series from Y40 to present: individual CC race winners, individual TT race winners, MSF, ES (individual and series), ISHC, BF/IF, and IQ. All listed races now count towards Superior awards.
  13. Crystal Chalices/Hearthstones - Crystal Chalices and Hearthstones are now usable!

October 22nd, 2020 [October Y42]
  1. Steeplechase and Driving Trial Stat Genes - Steeplechase and Driving Trial now have their own set of stat genes which play a large role in a horse’s aptitude for either.
  2. Steeplechase Divisions - Horses may now fall into one of two different SC divisions: Hurdle or Timber.
  3. Majors and Minors - A horse will qualify for a Minor if they earn at least 50 points after transitioning to SC/DT and a Major if they earn at least 100.

October 16th, 2020 [September Y42]
  1. Stable Results - Will now show notes and PR.
  2. Race Notes - Icons will no longer show for the Delicately note. Notes have been added for declining levels of rest.
  3. Color Statistics - On a horses page have now been updated to show result info for eligible colors, Best Score and average Coat Condition have also been added.
  4. Goggles - Will no longer raise Mud above Moderate.
  5. Victor's Blade - Now can only be used on a horse once in it's lifetime.
  6. Oracle - Will now only raise stats to a maximum of 6, will no longer raise Courage or Consistency, and can be used no more than 3 times on a single horse.
  7. Heritage - Has now been condensed into a simplified rating, it still contains four genes and will be rated from Poor through Outstanding. An explanation of this is here.
  8. Color Merits - Will automatically assign like Performance Merits.
  9. Stellar - Auto Qualifer has now been changed to Stellar with updated icons and references.
  10. Gold Cups - Horses are able to enter either region of Gold Cups this year, regardless of their primary track.
  11. Experience - Has been slightly adjusted for gains from races to have a more flexible sliding scale based upon PR, which will generally result in more Experience gained per race.
  12. Travel - Travel between regions now reduces rest.
  13. World Championship Festival - Has now been moved to December.
  14. Partnerships - Have been updated so that only yearlings are eligible to partner with. Each horse may now only have 10 partners, and stables are limited to 60 per year. Payouts have also been adjusted and are listed on the Partnerships page.
  15. Registered Names - Now automatically lock when a horse is sold through sales or auction.

September 21st, 2020 [June Y42]
  1. Diamond Level Consistency - A bug was discovered and corrected that caused Diamond players to not gain consistency through normal training. Horses 2YO-4YO who were affected were awarded appropriate amounts of consistency.

September 20th, 2020 [June Y42]
  1. Energy Race Notes - Adjustment made so that it will now trigger a note when a horse enters a race with 70% or less Energy, while the severe note will continue to trigger at 30% or below.
  2. Energy Fluctuation - Horses will now lose less energy in races, but also recover energy slower. This will be easier to enter back to back meets with a lower chance of injury.
  3. Series Awards - Awards missing from series like the Timber Tournament and Crusader's Challenge was awarded for years Y38-Y41.

September 13th, 2020 [May Y42]
  1. Awards - Y41 Year End Award winners awarded, with new awards including Tenacious Trainers for players that are the most actively entering races throughout the year and Rockstar Rookie to Green or Novice players with at least 50 starts who have the highest average points per start of the year.

September 5th, 2020 [April Y42]
  1. Fairs - Standardbreds now have 2 yo series races at 7F and 8F.

September 3rd, 2020 [April Y42]
  1. Pastures - Pastures have been introduced. They have a lot of cool perks depending on whether the horse is a yearling, a racer or a broodmare!

August 31st, 2020 [March Y42]
  1. Item limitations - Blazing Horseshoes, Frozen Horseshoes, Goggles, Happyballs, Slurpits, Jump Standards and Grandma’s Samplers are the only items (besides marking items) that can be used on horses aged 3 and under. Alfalfa Cubes and Mineral Blocks can only be fed to horses aged 4 yo+.
  2. PR adjustments - PRs has been adjusted and horses will likely run lower PRs than before. Style scores affect PR less.
  3. Exhaustion - The first tier of exhaustion no longer reduces soundness.

August 19th, 2020 [January Y42]
  1. Track Familiarity - Horses can only have one home track. However, your horse will now be able to gain familiarity with multiple tracks.

August 18th, 2020 [January Y42]
  1. Select Sale - Select Sale horses can no longer be sold.
  2. Steeplechase Transitions - SC transitions can only be done if the horse is at 90% maturity. Horses can now transition at 3 yo and race at 4 yos.
  3. Favorite stallions - Favorite stallions are sorted into their own section of Genotype and Quick Match results. New way of toggling favorites.
  4. Appendixs - Appendix Quarters and Paints have a new icon.
  5. Spark of Joy - Spark of Joy rewards Pro Coins!

August 9th, 2020 [December Y41]
  1. Yearling Buddies & Gelding Advancement - Yearling buddies and the Gelding Advancement system are implemented. Geldings now must retire with 80% soundness to be workout buddies.
  2. Maturity gain rate - Maturity gain rate has been slowed and safe maturity levels are adjusted - 25% and 40% Maturity for training, 60% for racing.

August 8th, 2020 [November Y41]
  1. Initiate Quest (IQ) series - A new series race has been added for Green, Novice and Amateur players.

August 7th, 2020 [November Y41]
  1. MII status - MII status will now be permanently assigned.
  2. Pacific Region - Pacific has been temporarily closed.

June 28th, 2020 [June Y41]
  1. Tearms of Service - Tearms of Service 3.1 was added pertaining to no FFH regulations or support of trades such as items, currence and breeding.

June 19th, 2020 [May Y41]
  1. Color Shows - Color shows, coat condition, Gleam and Grooming were added!

April 19th, 2020 [August Y40]
  1. Training Changes - Training a horse with low Energy may result in exhaustion, which can cause a horse to suffer a variety of consequences. Stats and traits negatively impacted are: Morale, Condition, Soundness, Prime, and Athleticism. Chance of refusal has been reduced.
  2. Year End Awards - Year End Awards are back!
  3. Group Training - A new feature has been added to Auto Train for racers. Known as Group Training, this will allow you to select a Group for your horses when locking in their Auto Train preferences. As of now, the options you can choose from are A or B.

April 18th, 2020 [July Y40]
  1. Buddy Workouts - Buddy Workouts now always require only 10% Energy, rather than amounts based upon Athleticism. However, working a horse with less than 100% Energy will increase Risk.
  2. Race performance Horses will now lose varying amounts of Morale based upon race performance.

April 13th, 2020 [July Y40]
  1. Prime Stars - Each prime Star now represents 4 months of prime.
  2. Select % - Custom % has been removed and replaced with Select %.

April 12th, 2020 [July Y40]
  1. Appendix Changes - Appendix now earn their papers (become full stock) at 25 points.

April 7th, 2020 [June Y40]
  1. Point Changes - Minimum entry requirements for full points have been reduced to 3 for all races. Training skill 9 has been removed.

March 31st, 2020 [May Y40]
  1. Import Changes - Import prices have been increased. The up front "browsing" fee is 500 PC. The total fee 2000 PC for Green/Novice, 2500 PC for Savvy/Amateur, and (unchanged) 3000 PC for Master/Diamond. Limits will also now reset yearly rather than monthly.

March 19th, 2020 [March Y40]
  1. Entry Limit - Stables may enter up to 3 horses in any non-AQ/series race.

March 13th, 2020 [February Y40]
  1. MA and SC Golden Apples - Marathon and Steeplechase will award 2 golden apples per G3/G2 start.

March 7th, 2020 [January Y40]
  1. Breeding Passes - The amount of starts required to earn breeding passes was reduced for all ranks.

March 2nd, 2020 [January Y40]
  1. Point Changes - Races will now only award points if there are at least 5 entries with the exception of Standardbred, 2yo ONLY, and 3yo ONLY races which must have at least 3 entries. In cases where races do not have enough entries to qualify for normal points, the winner will still receive 1 point.

March 1st, 2020 [January Y40]
  1. Buddy Workouts - Horses performing buddy workouts will now have a higher chance of improving their unmaxed stats.
  2. Maintenance Training - When performing Maintenance training, 2 and 3 year olds may occasionally improve a random (unmaxed) stat. The chance of gaining stats through Maintenance is based on Development and Peak genes.

February 28, 2020 [December Y39]
  1. Green 2 Gold Changes - Green 2 Gold will be split by breed rather than gender from Y40 on. Standardbred don’t currently have a team, but Stock, Thoroughbred, and Goldblood have their own teams.

February 16, 2020 [November Y39]
  1. Race Changes - TB and GB races will be completely split, down to allowance. Trinity preps will go from December through March B. A limited card for STBs will be offered in meet A.
  2. Driving Trial - Driving Trial Eligibility shows correctly on the main page for Standardbreds. Driving genes were adjusted so more HT/SS/Import would be eligible for transition.
  3. Standardbred buddies - Standardbreds can only BW with other buddies.
  4. Stock Horse Changes - Stock will start with lower longevity and higher prime in the future.
  5. Early Retirement - Horses 6+ can be retired early for a fee.
  6. Gelding Changes - Gelding now increases athleticism. Low athleticism will always increase to average. Average has a chance to increase.
  7. Icons - Icons for race notes and race placement appear next to race history on a horse’s main page.
  8. Quick Enter - Series tracks now appear below regular tracks on quick enter
  9. Created Horses - All 2 and 3yo created horses will have their stats adjusted to reflect the month they were created.
  10. New Craftables - Pedigree Purifiers and Love Blooms tack can now be crafted.

February 14, 2020 [October Y39]
  1. Pedigree Purifiers - Change to pedigree purifiers announced. Pedigree Purifiers will be used to purify appendix as of Y40.

February 10, 2020 [October Y39]
  1. New Series Races - Zodiac Zenith and Elemental Seniority announced.

FFH Time
Wednesday, 12:41am
Year 56

Open Series
Zodiac Zenith
Initiate’s Quest

Series Entries Close
Next Week @ 12:00pm

Meet Rollover Begins
Next Week @ 1:00am

Making Magic
Issa (#1)
02/15/24 5:42 pm
All horses need to be retested for Genetic Merit. There are no changes to the award, but some horses lost their GM/GD and retesting ensures they all have the awards they should.
Issa (#1)
02/11/24 2:05 pm
February will be 2 weeks, with rollover happening on Sunday, February 25h.
Issa (#1)
02/10/24 5:07 pm
Although Appendix stock horses cannot enter flat series races, they are eligible for contesting series races.
Issa (#1)
02/10/24 1:38 pm
Sparks of Joy, Grooming jobs and Sanctum of Gold all now award player experience.
Issa (#1)
02/10/24 12:54 pm
A new Yearling Quick View has been added. It shows Morale, Maturity, Risk and indicates if a horse has Genetic Ratings purchased (as required for YA). Additionally, yearlings now show Forever Pro Traits in their Trait & Stat Panel so that you can more easily manage Risk.
Issa (#1)
02/07/24 10:56 am
Stallions with tested Above Average or Legendary Producer Quality can no longer grade F. If you have one who is currently F, his grade will adjust if inspected again.
Issa (#1)
02/06/24 8:20 pm
Would like to earn a free Appaloosa stallion? Complete this form to claim your tickets for the upcoming raffle! Tickets must be claimed by Sunday, February 11th at 11:00am.
Issa (#1)
02/06/24 11:41 am
If you used a Cupid's Arrow for Y56 foals and all of your mares do not show the green 'Guaranteed' + icon in Mare Services, please contact me on FFH or Discord so that your mares can be fixed before they foal.
Issa (#1)
01/28/24 10:25 pm
Reminder: The January Pro Shop sale ends at the end of the month. Prices of several items and upgrades will be adjusted at the beginning of February, as explained in this news post.
Issa (#1)
01/28/24 10:23 pm
Horse care has been enabled again. You can resume feeding and training horses.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 6:32 pm
Horses who have used either Family Jewels or Mythos Scepter now show a magic wand icon under Producer Quality (even if not visible) to indicate that their PQ is not what they were naturally born with.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 6:31 pm
Mythos Scepter has been revamped and is now an item you can use to change either Colt or Filly PQ of retired horses. More information can be found in the item's description and notes.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 1:07 pm
The Appaloosa raffle will be held at 9:00pm tonight. You do not need to be present to win. Since the raffle is happening pretty late, ticket sales will remain open through 6:00pm.
Issa (#1)
01/26/24 1:06 pm
Mare grade inspections have reopened. There is a now a fee for grade testing mares, as listed on the inspection page. Mares do not need to be tested to be eligible to breed. The only other adjustment to mare grading is the removal of surface from the grading formula.
Issa (#1)
01/23/24 11:26 am
Don't forget it's the last week to purchase yearling partnerships for Y55!
Issa (#1)
01/22/24 11:52 am
Open dispersal of racers and broodmares at the Golden Apple Orchard will close at the end of February Y56.
Issa (#1)
01/19/24 11:49 am
Ultra Wraps are now marked with a blue checkmark in Racing Quick View to easily find horses who are wearing them.
Issa (#1)
01/06/24 7:12 pm
Tournaround Medallion may be used on any breed to improve their transition genes. Additionally, it now improves a horse's Endurance/Lead Change gene by one level. Before you rush out and buy some - note that it will be part of the upcoming January Pro Shop specials!
Issa (#1)
01/04/24 5:56 pm
Stallion Grade Testing has been reopened. Surface has been removed from the grade formula since it no longer impacts foal Potential.
Issa (#1)
01/03/24 6:21 pm
Dance of the Dunes will have a new open division for all races this year, in addition to the usual colt/gelding and filly divisions.
Issa (#1)
12/30/23 3:19 pm
Kickstarter is now available in the Golden Apple Orchard.
Issa (#1)
12/27/23 4:58 pm
Initiate's Quest is no longer open to Amateur players and is now limited to only Green and Novice.
Issa (#1)
12/23/23 12:56 pm
100yd races for 4yo+ have been added to the Midsummer Revelry series.
Issa (#1)
12/18/23 4:08 pm
The bug with miscarriages having a blank complication note on mare Breeding Info pages has been fixed. Additionally, complicates are now sorted with the most recent at top, much like progeny lists, BWs, and race history.
Issa (#1)
12/17/23 9:27 am
Grade testing is closed until further notice.
Issa (#1)
12/02/23 10:25 am
Today's the last day to participate in the Pro Shop Sale! (Possibly early tomorrow morning if you're in a different time zone.) Please also make sure you've voted in the polls for Colby's Crew and Old Friends. Colby's Crew has significantly less votes than Old Friends, so looks like some of you might have missed it in the news.
Issa (#1)
12/01/23 11:49 am
The Year's End Calendar starts today! Don't forget to stop by the Vale of Runes to open the door each day in December.
Issa (#1)
11/24/23 3:31 pm
Great news! We are able to sponsor a horse at Old Friends. Please vote in this poll to pick a horse.
Issa (#1)
11/15/23 3:11 pm
If you won an Appy stallion in the raffle and do not have Stat Gene, Heritage, Peak/Prime stablewide upgrades, please PM or DM me a link to the stallion.
Issa (#1)
11/14/23 6:19 pm
Answers to the Upgrade Raffle Challenge can be found here. Again, I'd highly recommend reading this even if you didn't participate as these questions address some incredibly important keys to racing success.
Issa (#1)
11/14/23 10:40 am
Upgrade raffles will be running tonight at 5:00pm! You don't need to be present, but are welcome to hang out in Discord to celebrate with the winners.
Issa (#1)
11/11/23 4:54 pm
Deadline for the upgrade raffles has been extended to Monday at 6:00pm. There's not many entries yet so be sure to get yours in!
Issa (#1)
11/11/23 4:41 pm
Gene Reducers may now only be used on bred horses, not Horse Trader, Import, or Select Sale horses.
Issa (#1)
11/11/23 12:11 pm
Answers to the Stallion Raffle Challenge, as well as the most relevant Handbook links, can be found here. Highly recommend everyone check this out, even if you didn't participate, because this covers a lot of the most important information for successful breeding!
Issa (#1)
11/10/23 4:56 pm
An additional rule has been added for raffle stallions - they may not be Cloaked.
Issa (#1)
11/07/23 8:24 pm
Stallion raffle tickets must be claimed by Friday at 5:00pm. The raffle will be held Friday evening.
Issa (#1)
11/07/23 11:13 am
Juuuuust kidding! (About the previous post...) I just added 1 additional Liver Chestnut and 1 additional Flaxen Liver Chestnut. Enjoy!
Issa (#1)
11/06/23 9:53 pm
We've added 7 new shades of Chestnut including 2 regular Chestnut, 2 Flaxen, 1 Liver, and 2 Flaxen Liver. All new shades can be viewed in the Horse Previewer.
Issa (#1)
11/05/23 5:09 pm
If you have an Appaloosa who is heterozygous or homozygous for Mottling, you may update their image to correctly show their mottling by reloading from their Image Gallery.
Issa (#1)
11/05/23 4:39 pm
The Appaloosa Select broodmare raffle will be held tomorrow, Monday, at 9:00pm FFH time. Tickets must be purchased by 7:00pm.
Issa (#1)
11/05/23 12:31 pm
February will be 2 weeks this year with races running on November 19th. This is not a permanent change, but one we feel is best in the circumstances of Y55.
Issa (#1)
11/04/23 12:36 pm
Midsummer Revelry now includes 500yd races for 3yo ONLY and 700yd races for 4yo+.
Issa (#1)
11/04/23 12:35 pm
Trials of Olympus now includes 7F races for 3yo ONLY.
Issa (#1)
11/03/23 10:24 am
The Appaloosa Select broodmare raffle is being postponed to either Sunday or Monday. Tickets may be purchased up through 1 hour before the time the raffle begins, which will be announced on Sunday.
Issa (#1)
11/01/23 1:42 pm
Question #22 in the Stallion Raffle Challenge has been updated for clarity.
Issa (#1)
11/01/23 10:49 am
Stallion Raffle Challenge update: If you are confused about what a question is asking for, you may contact me (DM or PM) for clarification before submitting.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 6:04 pm
2yo and 3yo stallion raffle eligibility has been updated due to an error in the script - a few more are eligible for tickets that weren't showing before. Additionally, you must have raced at least 20 2yo, 20 3yo, and 30 4yo+ to be eligible for the category.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 3:19 pm
Appaloosa broodmares are now available in the horse trader. Each player may purchase broodmares until they have 20+ total Appaloosa broodmares.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 2:12 pm
A new account setting has been added to show your barn names as buttons rather than text. A new option in barn naming allows you to designate a barn as the start of a new line.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 12:25 pm
Appaloosa color shows are now published for January.
Issa (#1)
10/28/23 11:28 am
Surf and Turf has been added to the Golden Apple Orchard and is also now a possible reward when harvesting farm plots.
Issa (#1)
10/27/23 10:31 pm
The "|" dividing barn names has been removed to allow you more customization and improved aesthetics when organizing barns. Barn name character limit has been increased to 30 characters.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 3:59 pm
The Pampered grooming buff has been renamed to Radiant.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 3:57 pm
Grooming (the training action) has been renamed to Pamper to avoid confusion with Grooming Centers.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 3:56 pm
Beginning in February, players will be awarded 126 Grooming Center slots per month (increased from 84).
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 2:56 pm
Broodmare dispersal at the GAO is temporarily available again.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 12:49 pm
Surface Genes no longer impact a foal's birth stats. Distance Genes have a less significant impact on a foal's birth stats than they previously had.
Issa (#1)
10/26/23 10:29 am
Mares must now have an updated grade test to submit breeding requests to outside stallions.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 9:35 pm
Training and feeding have reopened.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 4:45 pm
The Y55 Training Sales are now open for consignments! Bidding will begin October 29th.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 2:40 pm
Stock horses now maintain distance proficiency easier than other breeds.
Issa (#1)
10/22/23 2:27 pm
Goldbloods now maintain Coat Condition easier than other breeds.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 9:00 pm
Contesting arenas can no longer have muddy weather. Contesting races held at series facilities will not be impacted by mud, even if the main track is muddy.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 6:52 pm
Horses no longer have a chance to reveal genotype upon retirement. However, the chance to reveal transition genes is increased for horses who have a Minor, Major, or Master. (With each award offering a greater chance.)
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 6:47 pm
Prices for imports have been adjusted. Colts now cost twice as much as fillies, varying upon a player's rank.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 6:27 pm
Preparedness is now available as a stablewide upgrade trait.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 4:55 pm
Time Turner and Prismatic Time Turner have been restored from retirement. They now change a mare's due date to January or the current month and Prismatic also resets a mare's color show cooldown.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 3:05 pm
Stock and STB stallions no longer earn bonus foal slots upon retirement.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 2:04 pm
The mare grading formula has been updated. All mares may now be tested again, although most likely there will be few changes.
Issa (#1)
10/21/23 11:01 am
Horses who are Handily in races will now lose Experience.
Issa (#1)
10/15/23 6:15 pm
Horses who earn Court of Stars now receive a Producer Quality boost. Horses who have already earned Court of Stars have also received a PQ boost.
Issa (#1)
10/11/23 1:04 pm
A few minor adjustments have been made to Stallion Grades and stallions will need retested. Notably - Since SS/Import/Custom cannot be the worst level of 'Average', they may still earn B grades. Horses with tested negative mutations also cannot grade higher than C unless tested AA+ PQ. This info has been updated in the Handbook as well. Thanks for your patience!
Issa (#1)
10/10/23 11:13 pm
The Stallion Grade system has been updated and testing is open again. These updates offer more flexibility in factors that have less impact on a foal's potential while placing more weight on factors that have a stronger impact on a foal's potential. The Handbook page has also been updated, though the most notable change is that tested Average PQ cannot grade higher than C.
Issa (#1)
10/10/23 12:36 pm
The Stallion Testing Center is currently unavailable.
Issa (#1)
10/08/23 5:10 pm
Contesting horses may now enter multiple races at the same track.
Issa (#1)
10/08/23 12:44 pm
Contesting horses will have a 3 leg jackpot series through July, August, and September beginning in Y55. This will be offered for both barrels and poles with alternating regions per race.
Issa (#1)
10/07/23 3:42 pm
Performance based Suggested Grade now only looks at a horse's most recent race. This should alleviate a lot of problems where horses show a lower grade than is actually appropriate, helping avoid Handily results.
Issa (#1)
10/07/23 3:17 pm
Horses with Performance Ratings available now show their Stellar best PRs separate from non-Stellar best PRs.
Issa (#1)
10/07/23 1:46 pm
Mares who are already retired may be eligible for reduced foal slots. If so, a notice will appear at the top of their page allowing you to opt in (or opt out) of the foal slot change.
Issa (#1)
10/06/23 6:49 pm
Mare retirement is now available again. If your mare does not retire with the correct amount of foals lots, please post a bug.
Issa (#1)
09/30/23 7:26 pm
Experience now shows an exact percentage (%) for horses owned by Pro accounts.
Issa (#1)
09/30/23 2:44 pm
Distance proficiency gains have been increased for the distances above and below the distance a horse selects for training or BW.
Issa (#1)
09/17/23 3:31 pm
The Y54 Yearling Sale is open for consignments! Consignments will be accepted until bidding opens at the start of September.
Issa (#1)
09/15/23 4:50 pm
The value of Golden Apples has been updated to 200 GA = 100 PC = $1,000,000 (loosely). Prices for items in the GAO have been updated accordingly. The PC value for Sunkissed Tart, Ultra Wraps, Cream Token, Roan Token, and Dun Token have also been updated.
Issa (#1)
09/15/23 4:48 pm
Minimum pricing for public sales has increased to $100,000. Horses already listed for sale have been updated accordingly.
Issa (#1)
09/11/23 4:32 pm
A horse design contest is being held for the upcoming Select Sale. Visit #🌈pretty-pony-designs on Discord to read the rules and enter!
Issa (#1)
09/10/23 12:14 pm
Jockey fees (taken from race income) have been adjusted. The fee for 3 jockeys has been reduced, while additional cost tiers have been added for having 4 or 5+ actively contracted jockeys.
Issa (#1)
09/09/23 11:08 am
Stained Glass Cookies can now be purchased in the GAO.
Issa (#1)
09/04/23 1:09 pm
HT mares will earn 1 bonus foal slot, meaning they always retire with at least 2 slots. A bonus slot is also earned for placing top 5 in a series race, rather than top 3.
Issa (#1)
08/29/23 4:55 pm
Mares may now transition to buddies regardless of foal slots used. Mare transition fees have also been reduced.
Issa (#1)
08/27/23 2:33 pm
Registration for Birthday Bash Board Game Arena tournaments is open on Discord. Tournaments start on August 31st!
Issa (#1)
08/26/23 11:15 am
Series entry pools will not run until 6:00pm today.
Issa (#1)
08/23/23 11:10 am
Any horses you wish to enter in this year's Project 6 contest must be registered by Saturday.
Issa (#1)
08/06/23 9:44 pm
Tovero, Cream, Roan, and Silver Tokens as well as Add-On Points are now available at the Golden Apple Orchard. A new item, Rotten Apple, may also now be purchased at the GAO.
Issa (#1)
08/06/23 4:39 pm
The Training Auction is open for bidding! The auction will end at an undisclosed time no sooner than 24 hours from now.
Issa (#1)
08/06/23 1:50 pm
Breed shows now award 1 point per 4 entries and Open shows now award 1 point per 5 entries.
Issa (#1)
08/04/23 1:49 pm
'Horse', referring to an adult male horse, is being updated to 'Stallion' throughout the site. If you find a page that hasn't been updated it, please report it here.
Issa (#1)
08/03/23 5:54 pm
Anyone with Business Skill 6 may now create Stallion Spotlight ads by clicking the button in Stud Services. These ads randomly display when Genotype Search or Stud Book is loaded. Relevant SIP, Grade, and other icons will be added to spotlights at a later date.
Issa (#1)
08/03/23 5:46 pm
Genotype Search has been updated to allow searching by specific Stat Genes. The search form has also been reorganized to better flow with the order on Genetics pages and keep like genes grouped together.
Issa (#1)
08/03/23 12:53 pm
Hidden mares no longer show up in Genotype Search results.