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Page last updated: February 9th, 2019

December 15th, 2018 [November Y34]
  1. Timber Tournament - A steeplechase tournament running through the year was created.

November 21th, 2018 [August Y34]
  1. Transitioning - Transitioning now reset grades and experience.
  2. Springo - Maximum daily earnings were increased to 100K.
  3. Handbook Search - A search function was added to the Handbook.
  4. Handbook Item Database - An item database was added to the Handbook.
  5. Favorite Horses - A horse can now be marked as a favorite; toggling this function on will remove them from GAO, sales and the auction. Also makes Stallions ineligible for gelding.

November 17th, 2018 [August Y34]
  1. Defend Change - Defend can now lower risk to 30% instead of 40%.

November 15th, 2018 [July Y34]
  1. Pro Coin Change - Pro Coins are now sold at a rate of $1.00 = 100 PC.
  2. Horse Breeds - Foundation horses are now called Thoroughbreds and Customs called Goldbloods.
  3. Horse Breeds - Any horse with more tha 0% Goldblood are now considered Goldbloods.
  4. Pro Discounts - Pro Accounts now get 5% discount and Forever Pro gets 10% discount in the Pro Shop.

November 12th, 2018 [July Y34]
  1. Trait Stars For Pro Accounts - Pro Accounts no longer need to purchage trait stars.
  2. Racing Applitude - Evaluations from the Training Advisor now come with a racing aptitude.
  3. Advisor Price Changes - The price of the Training- and Gelding Advisor now depends on your status.
  4. Marathon Transition - 3 year olds can now transition to marathon in November.
  5. Cosmetic Change To Injured Horses - Injured horses now show a grey X under Buddy Workout and the Entered column in Quickview.

November 11th, 2018 [July Y34]
  1. Claiming Races Removed - Claiming races were changed into Maiden races to avoid confusion with the new claiming system.
  2. PR & Experience Changes - Horses now gain experience when running 175+ PR and a bonus at 200+ PR.
  3. Change To Stained Glass Cookie - The Stained Glass Cookie now raises experience by 20-25%.
  4. New Pro Perk - Pro Accounts now have a better relationship with Rusty causing the meter to fill faster.
  5. Stablewide Jump & Peak/Prime Genes - Stablewide Jump and Peak & Prime genes were added.

November 9th, 2018 [June Y34]
  1. Updated Tutorial - The tutorial was updated.
  2. Scratching Refund - Scratching a horse from a race will refund part of the entry fee.
  3. Mini Profiles - Mini Profiles were added.
  4. HT Morale - HT horses for new players start with 100% morale.
  5. HT Training - Surface and distance training starts at 100% for Green members.
  6. HT Buddies - Buddies can now be obtained through the horse trader.
  7. Blood Range - Blood Ranges were added.

November 7th, 2018 [June Y34]
  1. Training Skills - Morale/Consistency became skill 1, extra TT skill 2, and Longevity skill 3.
  2. HT Tickets - New players start with 20 HT tickets.

November 6th, 2018 [June Y34]
  1. Newbie HT Boosts - Newbies will get a small boost when buying Horse Trader horses.
  2. Sparks of Joy - Sparks of Joy will reward FFH$ to Green/Novice/Amateurs.
  3. Entry Checklist - An Entry Checklist pop-up added to horse entries.
  4. Multiple Entry Warning - Horses will show a warning if they are entered in multiple races.
  5. Quick Enter - Quick Enter feature opened to all members.
  6. Change Log - This fancy change log was created!

November 5th, 2018 [June Y34]
  1. Sparks of Joy - A new feature in the Community tab to send fan mail to random horses.
  2. Grooms - A new role of members that can participate in FFH development.
  3. Peak - The rate at which horses gain Peak increased.
  4. 2yo Buddy Workouts - Two year olds gain more Experience from Buddy Workouts.

Wednesday, 03:53pm
Year 45

Series Entries Close
Crusader's Challenge
Timber Tournament
Zodiac Zenith
Elemental Seniority
Saturday (12:00pm)

Meet Ends
Sunday (1:00am)

Making Magic
Issa (#1)
Yesterday at 11:02 am
Forgot to repost after the time traveling... Basic Wraps have a chance to reduce Risk during training.
Issa (#1)
06/09/21 5:09 pm
Thoroughbreds, Goldbloods, and Standardbreds have a chance to reveal their transition Stat Genes upon retirement. (With relevant skill.) They no longer have a chance to reveal Jump.
Issa (#1)
06/09/21 12:30 pm
Unfilled series races may be entered late for a tripled entry fee.
Issa (#1)
06/07/21 7:04 pm
We're working on a spreadsheet to track community-created item art. If you're working on art for an item, add your name under the 'In Progress' column. This does not mean that others can't try it, but can help avoid some overlap.
Issa (#1)
06/07/21 3:15 pm
Goldblood stallions are temporarily eligible to test for Producer Quality if they are: 100% Goldblood, retired, and not Cloaked. Testing fees for Goldbloods during this period are reduced to $500,000 or 50 PC. Although mares can benefit from discounted fees, normal testing restrictions still apply.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 7:19 pm
Yearlings must compete in 10 shows to receive a Travel boost.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 7:19 pm
Yearlings must compete in 10 shows to receive a Travel boost.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 6:25 pm
Suggested Grade and Style have been added to all horse pages as a replacement for Peer Comparisons. Young series race prospects are marked with an icon next to their grade.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 1:38 pm
Players who don't have Hidden Stats can now see a Potential range on their horse's pages. This reflects current Potential only. A new chart has been added to the Evaluating Talent page to help place these horses into appropriate grades.
Issa (#1)
06/06/21 11:03 am
Although the Golden Apple Orchard is still taking horses as low as 20 potential, apple supplies are dwindling and you won't receive extra Golden Apples. You will still receive Arcane Apples for exceptional horses.
Issa (#1)
06/04/21 5:05 pm
AI Straw limits have been increased to 4 with an age limit of 20.
Issa (#1)
06/04/21 4:45 pm
The 12 Select Sale stallions age 10 and under with less than 20 foal slots have been set to 20 foal slots.
Issa (#1)
06/03/21 1:41 pm
Favorited horses may no longer be placed 'For Claim'. If a horse is already 'For Claim' and is a Favorite, they will automatically swap to 'No Claim' when visiting their Race Preferences page.
Issa (#1)
05/30/21 1:49 pm
Stallions may have a maximum of 30 foal slots, with the exception of any stallion who already has more than 30 foal slots. If a stallion already has 30 or more foal slots, he will not earn more through SIP upgrades.
Issa (#1)
05/30/21 12:54 pm
Train All for racers is down for maintenance. If you have used it recently please double check your horses' Surface Proficiency before entering races, as it likely hasn't been improving surface.
Issa (#1)
05/29/21 11:37 am
Monday is the last chance to (Spring) Fling!
Issa (#1)
05/17/21 10:51 pm
The hidden clues were: 🍃🍨🦁♈🧁 - lilac. Congrats to all winners!
Issa (#1)
05/15/21 3:33 pm
If it's a prize you want (surely you do!) find five misplaced emoji and unscramble the clue! When you've found the word that's right as can be it's time to send a message to me! All who win will be rewarded but the first to finish shan't be shorted.
Issa (#1)
05/14/21 8:52 pm
Morale has been removed from the Peer Comparison formula.
Issa (#1)
05/14/21 5:43 pm
Breeding Info pages for mares show a list of Breeding Complications (miscarriages and stillborns) beginning in Y45. Any stillborns from this year should already be listed.
Issa (#1)
05/14/21 5:41 pm
Racing stables have a new column for Region (R) to make it easier to see where your horses reside.
Issa (#1)
05/14/21 5:09 pm
Neglect Reclaims are open again.
Issa (#1)
05/12/21 3:09 pm
Stallions and mares with any amount of racing points up to 100 now have a chance to provide bonuses to their foals' stats, with a guaranteed bonus for those who have a Performance Merit (100 points). Performance Distinctions (250 points) from either parent still provide an additional bonus to foal stats.
Issa (#1)
05/12/21 2:58 pm
Transitioning horses to Steeplechase or Driving Trial will always improve Low Athleticism to Moderate. There is also a chance to improve Low Athleticism when transitioning to Marathon.
Issa (#1)
05/11/21 6:28 pm
Two year old Peak has been fixed!
Issa (#1)
05/11/21 2:22 pm
Standardbreds are ineligible to enter Zodiac Zenith races they have previously won.
Issa (#1)
05/11/21 1:41 pm
To help foster Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and Standardbreds racing at older ages, they now only suffer faster Condition deterioration if they are 10 or older. They will also only experience significant Condition loss if they are 13 or older.
Issa (#1)
05/11/21 1:18 pm
Two year olds will never have 'lackluster' Buddy Workout results, however, their Buddy Workouts now consume more Energy.
Issa (#1)
05/11/21 12:50 pm
Moving cooldowns have been reactivated and horses will only be allowed to move once per year. Cooldowns will always reset in January.
Issa (#1)
05/11/21 11:18 am
Horses will no longer win item prizes for series sweeps. Instead, Heir's Crown, Tournaround Medallion, and Victor's Blade will have a chance to appear in Crystal Chalices.
Issa (#1)
05/10/21 3:36 pm
Training Assistant purse fees have been adjusted as reflected on the Training Assistant page.
Issa (#1)
05/09/21 8:26 pm
Blazing Horseshoes may only be used once annually on any individual horse.
Issa (#1)
05/09/21 6:14 pm
The effects of Sugar Cubes now only last 3 races. Sugar Cubes may also only be used twice in a horse's lifetime and do not immediately improve Energy.
Issa (#1)
05/07/21 5:56 pm
Don't forget to share your successes in this week's positivity threads! You can find them on the Forum.
Issa (#1)
04/28/21 11:18 am
Buddy Workouts no longer increase Experience, except when using a buddy with an Experience-boosting trait.
Issa (#1)
04/28/21 10:35 am
Join me this morning for Coffee with a Mod on Discord! I'm here to answer questions or chat about whatever comes to mind.
Issa (#1)
04/24/21 2:02 pm
Like custom GBs, Import and SS stallions may now stand at stud regardless of points.
Issa (#1)
04/20/21 2:17 pm
All feeds (excluding Steady) are once again priced equally. Defend can now take Risk down to zero.
Briana (#3)
04/14/21 5:52 pm
The daily earnings limit for Springo has been changed to $100,000.
Issa (#1)
04/05/21 9:08 pm
Y44 Yearling Sales are open for consignments.
Issa (#1)
04/01/21 2:18 pm
A lonely lady did not find a home after the SS. She has been placed into a quick auction which will end before the end of this meet.
Issa (#1)
03/31/21 2:26 pm
Help us name an item!
Issa (#1)
03/20/21 6:29 pm
Ahem... Now the Select Sale is properly open for bids!
Issa (#1)
03/16/21 1:36 pm
Mosaic is now in the Custom Previewer and might also be making an appearance on some of the Select Sale horses starting to sneak into my barns.
Issa (#1)
03/15/21 4:26 pm
Horses now have a chance to gain Courage in races. The chance is based on age, with 2 year olds having the highest chance followed by 3 year olds and then older horses.
Issa (#1)
03/14/21 4:30 pm
A bug has been fixed which was causing a substantial number of horses under age 10 to completely bypass the impacts of Travel on Rest, Energy, and PR. All horses will now be affected by Travel as intended.
Issa (#1)
03/13/21 1:05 pm
The first training of the month for 2 year olds no longer consumes Energy if it is Interval or Gate Training.
Issa (#1)
03/08/21 9:26 pm
If your horse fancies making a splash, they might like the new options in Spilled Paint!
Issa (#1)
03/08/21 1:01 pm
A little bird told me a new Badger is on the loose...
Issa (#1)
03/08/21 12:42 pm
Help us Name That Face!