Off Season
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Off Season

Off Season
Time Differences
Off Season begins in the game month November and continues through game month February. Months during off season will only have one meet, but horses will regain energy just as they do during regular season. Additionally, each month will still be a real life week, and races and shows will only run once per week.
Training In Off Season
Off Season is a great time to utilize various extra training benefits as well as a good time to give horses some time off from racing to improve their Rest percentage. In addition to the regular benefits of training, the following table provides information on special benefits that are only available during Off Season. These benefits are not guaranteed to happen with each training.

Off Season Training
Long Gallop Improve Colt Composure/Filly Power. Add prime.
Track Ride Improve maximum Consistency and/or Courage. Add Prime.
Trail Ride Improve maximum Courage and/or Consistency. Add Prime.

Racing During Off Season
As mentioned earlier, races/shows will only run once per week – during the Sunday rollover. Many horses should spend off season not racing in order to gain Rest. However, there are some exceptions to this. During November, DotD series races for Goldbloods take place. Then during December, WCF races will take place for Thoroughbreds; also, prep races for Trinities will be available. Stock Horses have the ISHC series races taking place in December also. The Standardbred series (ZZ) will run as normal.

There are still G1’s for older horses outside of Trinity Preps and Series races, so if your G1 horse is already fine in terms of rest, they will still have races available to them if you’d like to continue racing them during off-season.
Other Management Tasks
Finally, Off Season gives players the chance to perform various other important tasks - organize their barns, retire/pension horses, retrain horses, transition horses, and rest horses from racing. It also allows time for matching for those members that are breeding, as well as standing and listing studs, sending breeding requests, handling incoming yearlings, and shipping and covering mares.